aircraft & regulations - operational safety

Monarch gives the highest priority to the safety of its passengers. We are regulated by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which issues our Air Operators Certificate (AOC).

UK Civil Aviation Authority

The following is a quotation from the UK CAA's Safety Regulation Group:

"Flying is one of the safest ways to travel and the United Kingdom's air safety record is one of the best. The CAA's Safety Regulation Group (SRG) is the functional area within the Civil Aviation Authority entrusted with making sure it is maintained.

SRG's fundamental safety role is to set the safety standards and to satisfy itself that they are achieved. This includes:

  • ensuring that pilots are adequately trained, competent and medically fit, and that their continued competence and flying hours are regulated.
  • that the design, production, testing, certification and continued airworthiness of aircraft satisfy agreed safety standards.
  • that airlines are competent; that aerodromes are safe to use and that air traffic control services meet the required standards."
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