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Monarch Supports Sustainable Tourism

It is imperative that to integrate a sustainable way of thinking into the tourism industry, we need to educate and promote responsible travel and lead the way to a sustainable future.

Sustainable tourism is an industry committed to making a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment for local people. The aim is to ensure that development is a positive experience for local people, Tour Operators and you, our customers. The more we do now, the brighter the future will be.

Environmentally friendly hotels not only save money for the owner/manager, but also resources for the world, while at the same time letting their guests continue doing good things for the environment. Whether its water or energy conservation, recycling, or reducing the consumption of natural resources - a positive impact can be made.

Sustainability is starting to matter to consumers; people buy into fair trade, organics and local produce, so why not continue that way of thinking when you go on holiday? There’s plenty of scope for having a relaxing break without breaking the bank, and at no cost to the environment.

Monarch is committed to promoting sustainable tourism worldwide.

Our mission is to provide a tourism experience, which benefits our guests, suppliers and the destinations in which we operate.

Through its professional experience, passion and dedication, Monarch will continue to respect local cultures, support local communities and make a positive contribution in caring for the environment.

In pursuit of the above we will:

  • Understand and respect cultures by promoting and communicating their traditions, life styles and heritage to our guests and employees.
  • Support communities by involving and co-operating with local people, using local skills and products where practical. We will abide by local, national and international laws, discouraging illegal, abusive or exploitative forms of tourism.
  • Care for the environment by conserving landscapes, plants, animals and protected areas and by encouraging guests, and employees, to take a responsible approach in their use of natural resources.
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