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Monarch Supports The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation is a UK charity that cares for the places we love to visit.

Your holiday can make a real difference to your favourite destinations. It can help protect the natural environment, traditions and culture - the things that make your visit special. And it can improve the well being of local families - spreading the benefit of your visit to those who really need it. All of which can make your holiday experience even better!

Most importantly, it can help ensure that there are great places for us all to visit - for generations to come.

The Travel Foundation develops practical ways to help protect and improve holiday destinations. It works in partnership with the UK tourism industry to encourage widespread action. Your support really can make a world of difference.

Monarch, along with other travel companies, is supporting the work of The Travel Foundation and is asking every customer to make a small voluntary donation to the charity when booking a holiday. Together, we can make a world of difference.

To find out more about the work of The Travel Foundation - including tips on how you can make a positive difference when you travel - visit

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