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Egypt: Introduction

Following the change of advice from The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advising customers against all but essential air travel to Sharm El Sheikh. For the latest on this situation please visit our Travel Alerts section.

Since the early days of world travel the colossal works of ancient mortals have attracted seekers of the romantic and the exotic to Egypt's dusty landscape. Vast monuments and tombs stand proudly along the serene waters of the mighty Nile, symbolic of long-gone civilisations and 6,000 years of continuous history. Today, Egypt combines its vibrant culture and antiquity with the comfort of modern hotels and well appointed cruise boats that sail effortlessly passed lush oases and shimmering deserts, on course for discovery and adventure.

Whether you'd like to immerse yourself in the chaos of the bustling metropolis that is Cairo, drift down the Nile to marvel the remains of the world's most sophisticated early civilisations, or simply walk from your air-conditioned room to take a dip in the glittering Red Sea, Egypt holidays have something for everyone.

Egypt's capital and Africa's largest city, Cairo boasts an astonishing number of attractions, from the iconic Sphinx and looming pyramids of Giza, to the frantic banter of the traders at Khan al-Khalili bazaar. This bustling urban jungle is the perfect option for culture vultures and history buffs looking for a cheap holiday to Egypt, with an inexhaustible supply of treasures to discover in the dusty corridors of the Cairo Museum and labyrinth of medieval alleyways. Make sure you take the time to relax with a mint tea in a traditional 'ahwa', and listen to daily calls to prayer at sunset as they pulse over the cacophony of market traders, car horns and crowded streets.

Exploring the Nile River by cruise boat is an essential experience for intrepid travellers with a sense of adventure. Many cheap package holidays to Egypt include a ticket to sail down Africa's most significant waterway in a white-sailed felucca, or you can splash out on a trip on a dahabiya, a luxury furnished wooden boat. Lasting around 3 -5 days, a cruise allows Egypt's amazing history to unfold at leisurely pace before your eyes. Burrowed into the west bank of Nile is the inspiring Valley of the Kings, a lavishly painted tomb of revered kings, queens and nobles, whilst high above the river towers the impressive Abu Simbel temples, carved out of the soaring sandstone cliffs. Explore Luxor, the ancient city of Thebes, by foot to see the spectacular Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple, or take to the sky in a hot-air balloon to see panoramic views of the time-defying wonders of Egypt.

Follow the winding waterway all the way to the sparkling waters of the Red Sea in Sharm El Sheikh for a sun-soaked break on Egypt's Riviera. Simply float on the warm sea and let the world go by, or delve into the unbelievably clear waters to discover Egypt's stunning coral reefs, teeming with frantic marine life. As the closest tropical waters to Europe and with underwater temperatures rarely slipping below 20°C, Sharm El Sheikh is a fantastic option for a cheap diving holiday all year round.

Check our Hot Offer holidays section for cheap Egypt holidays to start looking forward to a fascinating break to this vibrant destination now, or browse our range of Egypt accommodation and Egypt cheap flights to tailor your own perfect holiday.

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