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Excess baggage is any baggage which is heavier than the maximum weight allowance for hold baggage. If you arrive at the check-in desk and your hold bag exceeds the maximum weight limit, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee, charged per kilogram.

If you think that your hold baggage will exceed the 20kg weight limit, you can purchase excess baggage in advance of travel. You can pre-book excess baggage in bundles of 3kg up to a maximum of 12 extra kilograms. The weight of any 1 piece of baggage must not exceed 32kgs.

There are four ways you can purchase excess baggage:

  • Online – during the booking process– if you have selected at least one hold bag, you will be able to add excess baggage to your booking within the baggage section of the booking process.
  • Online – adding excess baggage to an existing booking- if you decide to increase your baggage allowance, after you have made your booking. This can be done by following the steps below:

You can add excess baggage to your booking online up to 6 hours before departure. Excess baggage booked online can only be booked in multiples of 3kg, up to a maximum of 12kg. If you wish to book more than 12kg of excess baggage, you will need to call our Customer Services Centre.

  • By telephone- you may add excess baggage onto a flight booking through our Customer Services Centre up to 3 hours before departure.
  • At the airport - you can purchase excess baggage per 1kg (up to 12kg) at the airport sales desk before departure.

Note: You will make significant savings by booking your excess baggage online against booking at the airport or via the contact centre. You also won’t need to queue at the airport sales desk to book your excess baggage!

For a current list of hold baggage prices, please visit the fees & charges page.

You may also be requested to return to the airport sales desk to pay for excess baggage if your hold bags are found to be overweight at check in.

Excess baggage is accepted subject to hold space and operational capacity. If baggage cannot be carried on a flight, Monarch will make the appropriate arrangements to transport it to the destination subject to availability of flights.

Monarch will accept liability for delayed, damaged or lost baggage in accordance with the Montreal Convention.

Any monies paid for additional allowance / excess baggage will not be refunded should you decide to cancel your flight.

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