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Baggage (or luggage) on flights is generally split into two types:

Hold baggage – items such as suitcases which are checked in and placed in the aircraft hold for the duration of your flight. You then collect your hold baggage items upon arrival at your destination. Hold baggage can also be referred to as checked-in baggage.

Hand baggage – smaller items such as handbags or laptops which can be kept with you in the aircraft cabin during your flight. Hand baggage can also be referred to as cabin baggage or carry-on items.

All passengers are allowed 10kg hand luggage regardless to whether or not hold bags are purchased.

Click here to read about our Hand baggage policy.

Hold baggage allowance

You are allowed 20kg of hold baggage upon payment of the hold baggage fee. You may share your weight allowance over a maximum of 5 pieces of luggage (upon payment of each bag fee) but the combined total weight of these pieces must not exceed 20kg per person.

Any hold baggage which exceeds 20kg will be charged at the current excess baggage fees per kilogram.

The maximum weight of any piece of hold baggage must not exceed 32kg. Any piece of baggage over this weight will not be accepted for carriage. This restriction has been put in place by airport authorities to help reduce manual handling injuries amongst airport staff.

Vantage Club silver and gold members are eligible for a heavier bag, at no extra charge. Learn more about the Vantage Club baggage allowance here.

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Combining hold baggage allowance

If you are travelling with a companion you can pool your baggage allowance with a partner/travelling companion, provided both of you have paid the relevant hold baggage fees. For example:

  • 1 Passenger purchases 1 bag - The passenger gets 20kg of hold baggage allowance
  • 1 Passenger purchases 2 bags - The passenger gets 20kg of hold baggage allowance, split between two bags.
  • 2 Passengers purchase 1 bag - The passengers get 20kg of hold baggage allowance between the two (20kg in total).
  • 2 Passengers purchase 2 bags - EACH passenger gets 20kg of hold baggage allowance (40kg in total)
  • 2 Passengers purchase 3 bags - EACH passenger gets 20kg of hold baggage allowance (40kg in total), split between three bags.

Hold baggage fees are non-refundable even if the hold baggage allowance you pay for is not used.

It is not possible under any circumstances to combine your hand baggage allowance with a travelling companion.

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