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Hold baggage

hold baggage

  • Hold baggage charges may apply with some tour operators - passengers will be advised of any applicable baggage charges when making a booking. 
  • If you wish to pool your bag allowance within your travelling party you may do so as long as no bag weighs more than 32kg.
  • Premium Cabin customers are entitled to extra hold baggage allowance. Please check your allowance with your Tour Operator.

Hand Baggage

You now have two options when it comes to hand baggage:

(a) One piece of hand baggage no bigger than the new slightly reduced size of 56 x 40 x 25cm (there’ll be a size gauge at the airport to check this) and no heavier than 5 kilos, plus a small duty free bag from the departure airport.


(b) Two separate pieces of hand baggage, as long as the combined size is no bigger than 56 x 40 x 25cm and the combined weight no heavier than 5 kilos, plus a small duty free bag from the departure airport.

This means there’s no need to choose between your bag and your laptop. And you won’t have to cram everything into one bag at the departure gate.  All we ask is that you put small items under the seat in front of you, to leave more space in the overhead lockers for larger bags.

If you think your baggage is going to be overweight or too large, click here to add a hold bag to your booking now.

If your hand baggage does not comply with the restrictions, you will be charged £50 or €60 at the gate and your baggage will be placed in the hold. (You will be able to remove any essential items like keys, medication, travel documents or valuables first.)

If you have already checked in online and wish to add a bag, you will need to call our contact centre on 08719 40 50 40 (calls cost 10p per min plus network extras) or on + 44 8719 40 50 40 from outside the UK, Mon-Fri 08.00 – 20:00, Sat & Sun 09:00 – 17:30 (UK time).

Check-in opening times are 3 hours before boarding from the UK and 2 hours before boarding overseas.

These guidelines are applicable for all Monarch flights.


Some liquids are allowed through airport security check points. There are however, restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through:

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers each of which with a capacity not greater than 100ml.

These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag (about the size of a small freezer bag), which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids which must fit comfortably within the single permitted item of hand baggage.

The bag must be presented separately for examination at the airport security point.

Please note:

  • Any containers larger than 100ml (excluding essential medicines, see section below) will NOT be allowed through the security search point.
  • Most liquids of any amount may still be carried in hold baggage.
  • One lighter per person may be carried through central search. Lighters form part of the allowance of liquid in the litre bag and can either be placed inside the litre bag or screened separately provided they would fit into the bag. It is very important that passengers do not place the lighter into their cabin bag after screening - it must be carried on the person for the duration of the flight. Lighters are NOT permitted in hold baggage.

Remember that 'Liquids' includes:

  • All drinks, including water, soup, syrups
  • Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc
  • Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants
  • Pastes, including toothpastes
  • Gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

Please note that liquids can usually be purchased beyond airport security search points, in the departures area, as these liquids are subject to a separate screening process.

Essential medicines

Essential medicines for the period of the trip may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, but will be subject to authentication. Passengers must have obtained the prior agreement of the airline with which they are travelling and their departure airport. Passengers must also bring with them supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.

Essential medical equipment

Passengers are permitted to carry through airport security medical equipment essential for use during the period of their trip. Where possible the equipment should be contained within the ONE item of cabin baggage and again should be accompanied by supporting documentation from a relevant qualified medical professional.

Baby Food

Liquid baby food or sterilised water, sufficient for the journey, can be taken through airport security. The accompanying adult will be required to verify by tasting.

Essential Liquid Dietary Foodstuffs

Liquid dietary foodstuffs which are deemed essential can be taken through airport security and will be subject to verification by the passenger.

Laptops / electrical items

Laptops and other large electrical items (e.g. a large hairdryer) have to be removed from cabin baggage and screened separately. A laptop bag that is not contained within the one piece of cabin baggage is regarded as the one allowable item of cabin baggage.

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