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baggage - Infant & Child baggage allowance, pushchairs, car seats and travel cots - Scheduled and Charter flights

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Customers travelling with infants who have either purchased baggage for their scheduled flight, or have baggage included in their holiday package or with an MON flight, qualify for an extra 10 kg of hold baggage.

The 10kg additional baggage allowance can be combined with the adult 20kg allowance in one piece of baggage, subject to hold bag fee. Alternatively, the additional 10kg can be carried in a separate bag which will be exempt from any further charges. Please note that we will not accept a single bag that weighs more than 32kg.

Pushchairs, prams and car seats will continue to be carried free of charge. Travel cots will be weighed as part of the 10 kg allowance. Pushchairs and car seats will come through with all other luggage on the baggage belt inside the terminal.

Child passengers need to purchase hold baggage allowance. Travel cots will be weighed as part of this allowance.

Carriage of a car seat or a pushchair/buggy are also permitted, free of charge, for children who require them.

• Infants are children under the age of 2 years old at the time of travel
• Scheduled passengers  (ZB) travelling with infants that have purchased a standard 20 kg hold bag can take an additional 10 kg, making a total of 30 kg
• Charter passengers (MON) travelling with infants with a standard hold bag allowance can take an additional 10 kg of hold baggage
• Silver and Gold Vantage Club members travelling with infants are entitled to a standard 30 kg of hold baggage can take an additional 10 kg making a total of 40 kg. This must be split between two bags as the maximum weight for any single item of baggage is 32kg to help reduce the manual handling injuries among airport staff.

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