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To add sports equipment to an existing booking, please contact us on 08719 40 50 40 (calls cost 10p per min plus network extras) (Calling from outside the UK + 44 8719 40 50 40)

Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00 (UK time)
Sat & Sun 09:00-17:30 (UK time)
Bank Holiday Monday 09.00-17.30 (UK time)

golf clubs - carpet bowls, kitesurf and body boards - bicycles, hang gliders, windsurf boards, canoes and kayaks - skis and snowboards - scuba dive equipment - sporting guns

Charges below include any hold baggage charges. You can add sports equipment online whilst making a booking but you will not be able to go back and add sports equipment online once the booking is complete. If you complete a booking and then need to add sports equipment, please call the reservations centre or pay at the airport.

Golf clubs (including bag) up to 20kg.

  • £24.99 (GBP) / €29,99 (EUR) per set, per sector when you pre-book.
  • £30.00 (GBP) / €36,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.

*Bicycles, Carpet Bowls, Surf, Kitesurf & Body boards

  • £24.99 (GBP) / €29,99 (EUR) per set, per sector when you pre-book.
  • £30.00 (GBP) / €36,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.

Hang gliders, Windsurf boards, Canoes & Kayaks up to 32kg

  • £35 (GBP) / €44,00 (EUR) per item, per sector. These can only be booked at the airport.

*Skis & Snowboards

  • £24.99 (GBP) / €29,99 (EUR) per set, per sector when you pre-book.
  • £30.00 (GBP) / €36,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.

**Scuba Dive Equipment

  • £24.99 (GBP) / €29,99 (EUR) per set, per sector when you pre-book.
  • £30.00 (GBP) / €36,00 (EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.

Sporting Guns

  • £24.99 (GBP) / €29,99 (EUR) per set, per sector when you pre-book.
  • £30.00 (GBP) / €36,00(EUR) per set, per sector if paid at airport.

 Please contact us at time of booking to enable us to make the special arrangements required to facilitate the carriage of sporting guns 

* Subject to maximum weight of 13kgs per item with the exception of bikes, skis, snowboards and scuba dive equipment (20kg) per item.

Items exceeding stated allowance will be subject to standard excess baggage rates.

** Please note: On production of a valid Dive Licence /Certificate (PADI or BSAC) passengers travelling to Egypt carrying Scuba Diving equipment are allowed an additional 5kg allowance free of charge (if you have purchased a sports equipment fee above this replaces the 5kg free allowance and the two cannot be combined). Any passengers that cannot produce a valid dive certificate or those in excess of this additional 5kg allowance will be charged the applicable sports equipment fee shown above.

All other items are treated as part of the normal baggage allowance, any items exceeding the standard baggage allowance will be charged as excess baggage.

All Sports equipment is carried subject to hold space and weight available.

Hang gliders, Windsurf boards, Canoes & Kayaks = £35 per sector. Limited to one bag /item at a max weight of 32kgs. If you wish to take additional board-bags/sail bags additional per sector charges apply. We only accept windsurfers, canoes, kayaks or hangliders if the total length (including the mast) is less than 3.8 metres. The size of the hold does not permit bigger items and we will therefore refuse transport of any items that exceed this limit.

Space in the hold for Hang Gliders, Windsurf Boards, Canoes and Kayaks cannot be pre-booked and must be paid for at the airport. To reserve a space within the aircraft hold for all other sports equipment equipment, you need to pre-book your item. Our aircraft hold space is limited and we have a restriction on the amount of equipment that we can accommodate. If you do not pre-book items that are pre-bookable, we will only accept your equipment if there is sufficient room in the aircraft hold and you will have to pay the appropriate fee at the airport.

Please make every effort to protect your bicycle - we recommend the use of a bicycle bag with padding for added protection. Handlebars must be turned inwards, pedals removed or turned inwards, tyres deflated and the bicycle must be wrapped in plastic or cardboard. Maximum weight of 20kg per bike.

Please make every effort to secure your golf clubs and other sports equipment - we recommend that zipper type compartments are padlocked.

The transport of individual golf clubs as hand baggage is not permitted. If you wish to carry just one or two clubs, we recommend that they are protected in a padded box for carriage in the hold of the aircraft.

We recommend that passengers have insurance cover for the replacement value of all their sports equipment.

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