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check-in & identification - check-in

check-in opens:

  • 3 hours before departure for our flights from London Gatwick, London Luton, Manchester and Birmingham airports. Please note: check-in opens 2 hours before departure for our flights from overseas airports.
  • 3 hours before departure for long haul flights.

check-in closes:

  • 40 minutes before departure.
  • Often 60 minutes before departure for long haul flights.

arrive at your check-in counter

  • at least 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

online check-in FAQs

Note: Failure to check-in on time may result in you missing your flight, in which case Monarch cannot accept responsibility for making alternative travel arrangement. If you booked your flight via a travel agent or tour operator you should contact them for advice.

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