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Special Assistance - Electric Mobility Aids & Safety Restrictions

Monarch Airlines will carry up to two pieces of mobility equipment per passenger free of charge.

Battery powered electric mobility aids are carried free of charge by Monarch for those passengers whose mobility is restricted by their disability, health or age, or a temporary mobility problem. In order to accept them for carriage Monarch Airlines must be satisfied that the electronic mobility aid can be made safe for travel and can be carried securely in the hold of one of its aircraft. In order to safely carry electronic mobility devices there is certain information that Monarch needs to know about the device prior to travel:

•    Make and model of the mobility device
•    The mobility device dimensions (L/W/H).
•    The tare (unladen) weight of the mobility device.
•    Whether the device is one piece or if it can be broken down into smaller pieces to aid loading
•    The type of battery and number of batteries.
•    Instructions for preventing inadvertent operation.

Monarch Airlines requires this information at least 48 hours in advance of travel in order to confirm that we can carry the device.

Factors that could prevent the carriage of an electric mobility device include:

•    The mobility device dimensions exceeding cargo door dimensions.
•    The tare (unladen) weight of the mobility device exceeding the aircraft loading limitations.
•    Insufficient space being available on the aircraft at the time your booking is made.
•    Inability to prevent the inadvertent operation of the electric mobility aid in flight.

Because Monarch Airlines operates a fleet of various aircraft, the cargo doors are different sizes. As a guide the minimum hold dimensions applicable are below. If your electronic mobility device exceeds these minimum dimensions then please contact us so that we can discuss your options.

Width Height Length
(mm) (in) (mm) (in) (mm) (in)
1397 55 1067 42 1270 50

Maximum weight of any electric mobility aid 365kgs

Due to limited space available in the hold, we cannot guarantee that we can always carry every electric mobility device that is notified to us. If you need to travel with an electric mobility device, please inform us at the time you book and we will check that we have sufficient space available on the aircraft. 

The means of inhibiting circuits to prevent the accidental operation of electric mobility aids vary. For example, most have a key which can be switched to the off position, removed and kept by the passenger during the flight. Some however are switched on and off with a push button which could be activated in flight by the inadvertent movement of baggage or cargo. Therefore other steps are required to inhibit the circuits of such devices, for example disconnecting electric cable plugs or connectors. Further information as to the means by which electric mobility devices can be made safe for carriage are contained in a log complied by the British Healthcare Trades Association. This log is published at the following address: www.bhta.net/home/air-transport-advice-lists.html 

When you make a booking on the Monarch Airlines website you can select that you require assistance and the carriage of an electronic mobility aid during the booking process. Once you have completed your booking you will then be contacted by a member of the Monarch team to obtain the required information about your electric mobility device in order to confirm that we will be able to carry it. Alternatively you can book your flights and also discuss your electric mobility aid requirements with Monarch Airlines over the phone by contacting our UK based call centre. If you have booked with a Tour Operator you can book your assistance and electronic mobility aid requirements with your Tour Operator or direct with Monarch Airlines.

Once the information required is received by Monarch then it will be assessed and a decision made on whether the electric mobility aid can be booked for travel. However, it is important that in order for the electric mobility device to be accepted, the passenger or their carer must fully understand the means by which the electric mobility device is made safe for travel. If after all means are exhausted it cannot be determined that the electric mobility device is safe for travel then it will not be accepted on the flight.

Should your electric mobility aid not be able to be carried on the flight of your choice due to it exceeding the hold size of the aircraft or insufficient space being available, then Monarch Airlines will assist you in looking for alternative Monarch Airlines flights which may be able to accommodate the electric mobility aid. If however an electronic mobility aid exceeds the weight limitation or Monarch Airlines cannot be assured that the electronic mobility aid cannot be made safe for travel then it will not be able to be carried on any Monarch Airlines flight.

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