Special Assistance - Therapeutic Oxygen

Monarch flights carry oxygen bottles for emergencies only. It is very important to advise us in advance if you think you will need oxygen during the flight as we can make arrangements for you.

  • We can provide oxygen if required, for a fee, as explained on our fees, taxes & charges page. You need to advise us that you need oxygen at least 7 days before departure, but ideally at the time of booking. Please contact us with details of your exact medical condition and the required oxygen flow rate.
  • If you would prefer to bring your own oxygen supply, there is no charge for this. However, you must contact us as we need to approve your request to ensure it complies with our size restrictions and is clearly labelled. You may take up to 2 portable oxygen cylinders per person into the cabin, on request.
  • The oxygen must be stowed beneath the passenger's seat. You are required to travel with a letter from your doctor confirming you are fit to travel and confirming the oxygen is for your personal use. Passengers will not be accepted for travel without this letter.

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