Special Assistance - In-flight Wheelchair

In-flight Wheelchair

An In-flight Wheelchair is provided for passengers who, due to disability or injury have difficulty moving around the aircraft.

If you plan to travel alone and it becomes evident at any stage that you will not be self-reliant, Monarch may insist on the presence of a carer or companion and regrettably may have to refuse carriage if you cannot comply with this requirement.

The wheelchairs are designed for passengers to be self boarding, cabin crew are not authorised to lift passengers on/off wheelchairs however the crew will push to and from the toilet, providing they feel capable of doing so.

Should you require the use of an on board wheelchair, please contact our Pre-flight Customer Services Centre who can assist you further.

Please note: All equipment is subject to a limited availability and it must be requested up to 4 days prior to departure.

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