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What Passenger assistance is offered by Monarch?

Monarch will arrange for full assistance to be provided to all disabled/mobility impaired passengers from check in until arrival at the destination airport baggage reclaim hall. Please note: Special assistance requests must be booked directly with Monarch's reservation team, click here to contact us.


Should I make arrangements for special assistance before my flight?

Yes, Disabled/mobility impaired passengers must notify us of their special requirements at the time of booking. This is to ensure that assistance is pre-booked prior to travel.

Can I bring my own wheelchair or mobility scooter and if I need one is there a charge?

You can use your own wheelchair or one supplied by the airport wheelchair service provider. Both the wheelchair and assistance are free of charge. Restrictions apply to the transportation of battery-operated wheelchairs, so it is advisable to let us know the type of battery when booking. Monarch do not charge for the carriage of wheelchairs or mobility aids, however only a maximum of 2 mobility aids are permitted for carriage. Passengers travelling with their own mobility scooter must ensure it has a manual 'Drive Forward' switch, enabling the scooter to be moved easily once the battery has been disconnected.

How do I ensure that the right type of assistance is booked for my requirements?

Please contact us. One of the team will be able to advise you of the assistance available for passengers.



Do I need to bring my own carer or companion?

No, providing you are sure that you can be self reliant for the duration of the flight. There are limitations on the assistance which cabin crew can provide and if you are likely to require help with any of the following during the flight you should arrange to be accompanied by a carer or companion who can assist you.

  • Breathing - the passenger should not be reliant on supplementary oxygen.
  • Feeding - the passenger should be capable of feeding themselves. Monarch crew will assist with opening food containers and describing catering arrangements to blind people.
  • Communicating - the passenger should be able to understand or respond appropriately to safety instructions from Monarch personnel
  • Toileting - the passenger should be capable of using the onboard toilet facilities unaided. An onboard wheelchair is provided on some aircraft which the cabin crew will push to and from the toilet, providing they feel capable of doing so.
  • Medicating - the passenger should be capable of administering their own medicines and medical procedures

If you plan to travel alone and it becomes evident at any stage that you will not be self-reliant, Monarch may insist on the presence of a carer or companion and regrettably may have to refuse carriage if you cannot comply with this requirement. If in doubt, please speak to a member of our team

If you are booked on a scheduled flight (flight numbers starting ZB) please contact us for further advice.


Can I bring medication on board?

Yes but put it in your hand baggage so you have easy access. Any syringes must be covered with a doctor's note to show at security checks etc. Read more about the latest security restrictions. Please note: Cabin Crew doe not have the provision to store any medication in the fridge. Medication bought onto the aircraft must be kept in the possession of the passenger.

Does Monarch give certain passengers priority when boarding?

Passengers with disabilities and families.

Can I claim compensation if my prebooked assistance is not provided?

All assistance is made on a request only basis and therefore compensation is not paid if this is not provided.



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