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online check-in (scheduled flights only) - how to use online check-in

How does online check-in work?

Online check-in opens 28 days prior to departure. Search for your flight booking in the 'Manage My Bookings' area by entering the booking reference and the email address that you used to make the booking. Important: In order to take advantage of online check-in, you must select and pay for an allocated seat. You will be asked to allocate a seat during the online check-in process if you haven't done so already. If you don't want to pre-allocate and pay for a seat, you can still check-in for free at the airport and you will be alllocated a seat at random.

The check-in process is very quick and simple. If you haven't already pre-paid any applicable hold baggage charges or pre-allocated seats with your booking you will be asked to do so and charged the appropriate seat fees. By choosing your seat in advance you can ensure you sit together with family/friends and there is no need to rush at the airport.

You will also be asked standard security questions regarding your baggage, your identification and whether you require any special assistance. Upon acceptance of the security questions and payment of any appropriate seat fees you will be fully checked in. It's as simple as that!

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how to check-in online

All you then need to do is print off the boarding pass for each of the passengers you have checked in and bring the passes to the airport with you. If you do not have a printer set up to your computer, please do not check-in online.

Can I check in online for all Monarch flights?

Online check-in is available from most airports for scheduled flights but is restricted at a limited number due to operational limitations. Online check in is not currently available for Monarch charter flights (flight numbers beginning MON).

Please note: If you are a Vantage Club silver or gold member and would like to make use of the Fast Track Security facility - please remember to validate your boarding pass with a Fast Track Security sticker at the check-in desk.


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