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You can check-in online provided that your baggage meets the following security criteria:

  • Nothing has been added to your baggage without your knowledge
  • You are not in possession of any item given to you by a third party to carry on board
  • You are not carrying any of the prohibited items listed in our baggage faqs - click here for a reminder.

Hold baggage charges apply and all baggage must conform with weight & dimension allowances as well as the latest security regulations. For full details visit our baggage faqs page.

After completing online check-in you must print your boarding pass and bring this to the airport with you. If you only have hand luggage, please proceed directly to departures. If you have hold baggage, please proceed directly to our fast bag drop desks to get your baggage checked in. In Manchester airport this is desk 32. Bag drop desks close 40 minutes prior to departure, but please be sure to allow plenty of time to get through security check and walk to your departure gate which may be some distance from check-in.

Is there a charge to use online check-in?

Online check-in is free but you must pre-allocate and pay for a seat. If you have not already pre-allocated your seats before checking in then you will be asked to do so during the online check-in process. By choosing your seat in advance you can ensure you sit together with family/friends and there is no need to rush at the airport. You can also take the opportunity to upgrade to extra legroom if you wish. Normal seat fees apply, view fees. If you don't want to pre-allocate and pay for a seat, you can still check-in for free at the airport and you will be allocated a seat at random.

What documents do I need to take to the airport?

Boarding passes are accessed from a link on the final page of the check-in process. Every passenger who has checked in online has their own unique boarding pass and must print this out and bring it with them to the airport. Your boarding pass is an official security document and so you should ensure that it is kept safely until your flight is complete. In addition, every passenger must have a valid passport. We reserve the right to deny boarding and cancel your reservation if you do not have the relevant documentation.

What should I do if I cannot print the boarding pass?

If you experience difficulties accessing or printing your online boarding pass then, on arrival at the airport, you will need to visit a Monarch check-in desk as normal in order to obtain a traditional boarding pass. Check-in desks close 40 minutes prior to departure. We are unable to accept any faded or blurry home printed boarding passes because these will not be suitable for scanning at security and bag drop desks. We reserve the right to deny boarding and cancel your reservation if you do not obtain a valid boarding pass.

Who can I call for help with the online check in process?

Click here for our handy guide to checking in online. If you need help during the online check-in process click here for online booking help information. However, please note that our reservations agents cannot complete the process for you and cannot produce boarding passes. Therefore, if you have any difficulty completing the final stage of the online process please check-in at the airport as normal.

What happens if I lose my home printed boarding pass?

If you lose, forget or damage your home printed boarding pass either before arrival at the airport or at any point prior to departure you will be required to visit a Monarch check-in desk to obtain a replacement. Check-in desks close 40 minutes prior to departure. We reserve the right to deny boarding and cancel your reservation if you do not obtain a valid boarding pass.

What time does the fast bag drop desk open?

Fast bag drop desks are open from 3 hours prior to departure, closing 40 mins before departure. Please allow plenty of time for checking in your baggage, clearing security and proceeding to departures. Bear in mind that some departure gates are some distance from check-in.

What time do I need to arrive at the departure gate?

Please make sure you arrive at the departure gate at least 40 minutes before departure. Gates close 40 minutes prior to departure and we reserve the right to deny boarding and cancel the reservation of any passenger arriving after this deadline. Please allow plenty of time to get to the departure gate, bearing in mind that security control can get very busy at peak times and some departure gates are quite a distance from check-in.

Please note: In the event of a delay, please ensure you still arrive at the airport according to your original flight time in case there is any further change to your flight.

Can I change my flight after checking in?

No. Changes cannot be made to your flight reservation after checking in. This includes date/time and name changes.

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