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online check-in (scheduled flights only) - who can use online check-in?

Provided you are aged 12 or over (or are travelling with other passengers aged 16 or over), are not travelling with an infant or in a group of 10 passengers or more, then you can check in online at monarch.co.uk The service is only available for scheduled flights with Monarch (flight number starting ZB) and not any Monarch charter flights (flight number starting MON).

IMPORTANT: In order to take advantage of online check-in, you must select and pre-allocate a seat. You will be asked to allocate a seat during the online check-in process if you haven't already done so. If you don't want to pay to pre-allocate a seat or purchase extra legroom, you can still check-in for free at the airport and you will be allocated a seat at random.

If you ARE travelling with an infant, please check-in at the airport as normal. Similarly, if you are travelling in a large group of 10 passengers or more, then you will also have to check in at the airport and not online. If you require special assistance at the airport, you can check in online but you will need to contact us before you travel to advise us that you require special assistance. We also ask that you present yourself at the ticket desk on the day of travel in order to receive assistance.

Online check-in is currently unavailable for flights departing the following airports due to operational reasons:

  • Sharm El Sheikh
  • Malta
  • Split
  • Hurghada
  • Enfidha
  • Agadir
  • Naples
  • Turin
  • Salzburg
  • Preveza
  • Zakynthos (Zante)
  • Rhodes

IMPORTANT: If you do not have a valid European passport, are travelling with infants and/or require special assistance you need to check in at the airport and not online, so that our agents can ensure the appropriate arrangements are made. Passengers under 12 cannot check-in online or at the airport unless accompanied by an adult over 16.

If you do not have an email address associated with your booking (e.g you booked by telephone and your itinerary was posted to you) then you cannot use online check-in. This is because we require both the booking reference and email address associated with the booking in order retrieve your flight details.

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