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seating - pre-allocated seating - charter flights

pre-allocated seating

Seats on Monarch charter flights can be pre-reserved in advance for £8.00 (GBP) per person, per sector for short/mid-haul routes and £10.00 (GBP) per person, per sector for long haul routes.

how can I pre-book seats - charter flights?

There are 3 ways in which you can pre-book allocated seats for your charter flight. Please note: seats can be pre - booked together but specific seat numbers will be advised at check-in. It would assist us greatly if you have your full flight details, all passenger names, plus tour operator and booking reference to hand when you book.


Click here to book extra legroom seats, group seating, baggage and other extras for your charter flight online.

pre-book seats

by phone

You may purchase extra legroom seats by calling our Pre-flight Customer Services Centre up to 4 working days before your flight. If contacting us by phone, please also have your credit or debit card details ready for payment.

Click here to book extra legroom seats, group seating, baggage and other extras for your charter flight online.

at the airport

You can choose to book standard or extra legroom seats at the airport on the day of travel, subject to availability. Speak to the check-in agent at the airport and have your booking reference to hand. Bear in mind that availability is limited and so pre-booking is strongly recommended.

Current exceptions - We do not offer the ability to book extra legroom seats on the following routes:

  • P&O Cruises, Fly-Cruise Charter - Bridgetown, Barbados / Acapulco, Mexico / Miami & New Orleans, USA
  • Special Adhoc Charters
  • Fred Olsen Cruise Lines

Note: We can only take bookings for Extra Legroom and Group seating within 90 days prior to departure date. Specific seat numbers will be advised at check-in. Seats booked together may be separated by an aisle.

Note: All seat fees are transferable but non-refundable. On certain routes, extra legroom seats can only be offered adjacent to the emergency exit rows - in these cases standard CAA regulations regarding minimum age (16yrs +) and mobility restrictions may apply. We reserve the right to move any passengers our cabin crew feels are unsuitable for exit row seats.

Any monies paid for flight extra's will be non refundable. Should the flight be cancelled by the passenger we will not refund any monies paid for Pre-reserved seating, Sports Equipment or Excess Baggage.

In the event of an aircraft change where we are unable to provide any pre-paid reserved seating, a refund will be made for the sector/s affected.

All refund applications must be made in writing to:
 Monarch Airlines Ltd., London Luton Airport, Luton LU2 9NU,
enclosing your boarding card as proof of your allocated seat number.

Compensation will not be paid.

Seat fees are transferable should your Tour Operator change your flight (dependant on availability). In this event please contact our Pre-flight Customer Services Centre to reconfirm your seats.

Passengers cannot reserve specific seats and actual seat numbers will not be specified prior to check-in.

Passengers with medical conditions are advised to contact our Pre-flight Customer Services Centre, to request assistance if required and specific seating suitable for their needs, subject to availability.
For safety reasons, passengers travelling with infants are only allowed to occupy certain seats.  This will affect the location of seating and may mean your group is separated to allow for this.
Seat bookings can be made 90 days prior to departure.  A minimum of five days notice is required for internet seating bookings. A minimum of four Working days notice is required for telephone seating bookings.

Seat numbers will not be available until check-in.

Seat allocation will be at the discretion of Monarch Airlines and  seats allocated can be changed at any time.
Purchasing group seating or extra legroom does not include a late check-in. It is a passengers responsibility to arrive at check-in in plenty of time prior to departure.
Extra legroom seats may be adjacent to exits. Safety regulations require that such seats are only occupied by passengers aged 16 years and over and who are deemed by check-in staff and/or Cabin crew to have the mental and physical ability to operate an exit door and/or effectively assist Cabin Crew in the event of an emergency.
Cabin Crew and check-in staff, have the authority to require any passenger not matching these criteria to move to an alternative seat which may not provide extra legroom. If you do not meet these
requirements, a refund will not be given. If you are in any doubt about your suitability, please check with Pre-flight Customer Services Centre before the date of departure.

Any passenger seated adjacent to an exit may be briefed on safety procedures and be expected to help in the event of an emergency.
Extra legroom and Group seating may be separated by an aisle and this is deemed to be together due to the configuration of certain aircraft.
Please take your confirmation to check-in as proof of payment.
When booking extra legroom or group seating, children aged 15 years and under MUST be seated as part of your party adjacent to one adult aged 16 years or over. Extra legroom and Group seating are not available for purchase on certain flights.

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