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Thanks for joining us on social media!
We’d love to see you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, the Monarch blog and other social networks. To help you get the best out of your visit, and to help make our social media sites friendly, inclusive and safe places to be, we ask that you observe the following community guidelines. The social media team will apply these guidelines when reviewing your posts. If you do not agree with these guidelines, please do not post on our pages.
Why is Monarch on social media?
We aim to keep you up-to-date with our latest news, flight and holiday offers, behind-the-scenes information and photos, competitions and promotions. We are happy to help with customer service enquiries on Facebook and Twitter, however if we need to share private information or require assistance from a specialist team, we may request further information via email or ask you to call our contact centre. We are online Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm GMT.
We welcome and value your feedback, including questions, suggestions, compliments and complaints. We will answer reasonable questions honestly and as accurately as possible and pass on any relevant suggestions or comments to our colleagues. We value and will respond to constructive criticism of Monarch and highlight your feedback internally to drive improvements to our products and services.
Where misunderstandings arise about Monarch, including promotions, policies or procedures, we will do our best to offer clarification. However, we will not permit misrepresentation of the airline, our Board, our shareholders or staff. Any posts deemed to be propaganda, smear tactics or deliberate misinformation will be removed.  
It’s in your best interest as well as ours that content you post is lawful. You may face personal liability if content you submit is published and is unlawful. For example, if you submit material which is defamatory and cannot be defended, then you could be sued by the person or company defamed.
We will remove any posts which include false, abusive, threatening or defamatory comments towards any person or organisation. Likewise, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading information and anything which infringes on another person’s intellectual property rights or copyright will be deleted.
We will remove any content which is indecent or offensive, or comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory towards any group. Content which misrepresents a relationship with any person or organisation, encourages others to commit unlawful acts, harasses anyone or is unlawful in any way will also be removed.
We will remove posts which use vulgar language or profanity (including foul language that is misspelled or has asterisks instead of letters).
The social media team is unable to engage in discussions about legal matters between Monarch and any other party. Posts relating to past, present or future legal matters will be removed.
We welcome healthy debate among our community members, however please respect others’ views. Please try to keep comments on topic and relevant to the conversation thread. Repetitive posts may be removed to leave space for others.
Queries or comments about moderation, including questions like ‘why was my comment removed’ may be removed. Please direct any queries about moderation to Monarch reserves the right to remove any content which it deems inappropriate for this site, at its sole discretion.

Commercial messages by companies other than Monarch's commercial partners, personal advertisements, links to external sites or social media accounts not previously agreed, and other forms of spam are not welcome and will be deleted.

The content you share on Monarch’s social networks is available to the public. Please refrain from sharing private or personally identifiable information about yourself such as email addresses and phone numbers. We strongly advise you not to post any booking references, debit/credit card details, passport details, Vantage club membership numbers or customer service reference numbers and we will remove these if posted in order to protect your privacy. If you need to share this kind of information with us, please email the customer services team.
Likewise, the privacy of our staff is important to us. We ask that you respect this and refrain from posting personal details like names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of Monarch staff or directors. Any posts containing these details will be deleted by the social team.
A separate privacy and data protection policy is available on the website.

License to use content

By posting content to Monarch’s social media accounts, you are giving implied, unlimited consent to republish, refer to, and otherwise use or re-use your comments and other posted content, in whole or in part, in any format or medium at any time. You are also confirming that you own and/or have the right to share the posted content, and have permission from anyone featured in the media (e.g. photo, video) that you post.

English language only

At the moment we are only able to monitor posts written in English. Please email if you need help or would like to give feedback in a different language.

Monarch Group employees
If you are an employee of the Monarch Group, please refer to the Group Social Media Guidelines on the intranet before posting on this page.

Responsibility for content
Although Monarch may remove inappropriate material, we are not responsible or liable for user-generated content and the opinions expressed in that content do not necessarily reflect those of Monarch. Social media users are solely responsible for content that they post, and for complying with the terms of use of each network they use. Monarch is not responsible for any content on third party sites that may be linked to content posted by users.

Blocked or banned users
In the unusual event that we are forced to block a user from the page, we are unlikely to give advance notice. However, the user may email us at to request information.
Thank you for helping keep our page safe and welcoming for all users
Last updated 5 August 2013

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