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Vantage Club for frequent flyers - terms and conditions

1) General
1.1)  Only journeys made on Monarch’s flights are applicable to this scheme (flight numbers beginning with ZB) Charter flights made with Monarch are not applicable
1.2) ‘Card’  when used in these Terms and Conditions refers to either a vantage club Indigo membership card a Vantage club Silver membership card or a Vantage club Gold membership card as appropriate and the words  ‘you or your’ mean the person  whose name is on the card.
1.3) Membership is only open to Individuals aged two years or above, not companies, partnerships or other similar entries.
1.4)  To apply for membership you must fully complete an application form including your full name and mailing address.  We will notify you that your application has been accepted by assigning a unique membership number and issuing a Card which is valid for twelve months.
1.5) The Card remains the property of Monarch Airlines and must be surrendered and returned to Monarch Airlines on request.
1.6)  You must notify Monarch Airlines Vantage Club Customer Services if your card is lost, stolen or damaged.  Upon notification the corresponding account will be closed and all Vantage Club points accumulated and unredeemed will be transferred to a new membership account and a new card issued to you.
1.7) The person named on the Card is the only person entitled to use the card  for any reason whatsoever.  Membership is not transferrable.
1.8) When taking advantage of any of the benefits and services offered under the Vantage Club Scheme you must have your Card available for Inspection.  If your card is not presented benefits and services may not be available to you
1.9) Benefits and services available under the Vantage Club scheme may only be used in conjunction with travel by the eligible member on a Monarch Airlines flight.
1.10)  Your membership will become inactive if you do not accumulate a minimum of four membership points during your membership year and you will not be issued with a replacement card.
1.11)  Once your membership has become inactive and your card has expired you will have a further 12 months from the expiry date to redeem your Flying Points on any Monarch Airlines route.
1.12)   Once this 12 month period has expired your Vantage Club membership will be terminated and all your remaining Flying Points will be forfeited.
1.13)  If however during this 12 month expiry period you make four one way flights (not including free flights) we will reactivate your Indigo membership and issue a new Card.
1.14)  Whenever you use your Card to obtain or utilise any Vantage Club benefits or services you will be personally liable for all costs claims or liabilities arising from such use.
1.15) Some of the benefits and services offered to Vantage Club members are provided by third parties over which Monarch Airlines has no direct control.  Any arrangements made by you with such third parties will be subject in the terms and conditions of that third party.
1.16) These Terms and Conditions are subject to English Law.
1.17) Monarch Airlines reserves the right  to withdrew, cancel vary in any way or change at any time without notice any benefit or service previously offered or provided to  Club members.
1.18) Monarch Airlines reserves the right to change or vary these Terms and Conditions at any time.
1.19) Monarch Airlines reserves the right to refuse membership of Vantage Club and will not enter into correspondence relating to the reason for refusal.
1.20) Employees of Monarch Group Companies and their families are not eligible for membership of Vantage Club.
1.21) Only one enrolment per individual will be accepted for membership of Vantage Club.  You may only hold one card at any one time.
1.22) By signing the Card and taking advantage of any of the benefits offered under the Vantage club scheme you consent to Monarch Airlines maintaining and updating of your personal data.
-  For marketing and market research purposes and
-  To send mailings to you

2)  Membership points
2.1) The fare Types eligible for the issue of membership points and the applicable membership levels will be determined by Monarch Airlines.  Monarch Airlines reserves the right to change the criteria for points awarded and/for membership levels without prior notice.
2.2) Membership points will be awarded only when you quote your personal membership number at the time of reservation.
2.3) Free tickets, rebated tickets, group or inclusive tour tickets or any which do not indicate a published fare, will not earn Flying Points or Membership Points.
2.4) Only Vantage Club members will earn Membership Points.
2.5) You must actually travel on a Monarch Airlines flight to earn membership points regardless who pays for the ticket(s)
2.6) Membership Points must not be transferred to another member’s personal account.
2.7) In case of dispute Monarch Airlines reserves the right to require proof of travel including copies of tickets together with your original boarding cards for Monarch Airlines flights claimed to have been flown.  Such claims will not be considered beyond six  months from the date of travel.  Monarch Airlines decision shall be final.

3)  Flying Points

3.1)  Flying points will be awarded and registered to your account according to each flight sector you actually fly with Monarch Airlines. Registration of Flying Points awarded may take several days.
3.2) After being registered to your account Flying Points may be redeemed for free flights with Monarch Airlines for you and/or your nominated beneficiaries.
3.3) You make changes to free flight bookings subject to availability.  For Indigo and silver members payment of the administration fee is required.  I f you cancel or no show for a free flight Flying Points will not be re-credited to your account.
3.4) The payment of all government taxes and other incidental fees is your responsibility and free tickets will not be issued until such payment is received by Monarch Airlines.
3.5) Monarch Airlines reserves the right to change the redemption value of Flying Points and may introduce time restrictions reducing the period of validity.  If flying Points are not used during the period of validity they will be forfeited.
3.6) If the Vantage Club is to be closed down Monarch Airlines will endeavour to give you not less than six months prior notice of such closure.  Upon Closure of the Vantage Club all reaming Flying points will be forfeited.
3.7) flying Points are not transferable
3.8) flying Points are valid for three years from the date they were earned, after which time they will expire.  However if your membership account is not renewed on the anniversary of your joining the scheme (because you do not earn enough Membership Points)  then you will have only 12 months to use the Flying Points before the account is closed and all points are invalidated.

4) Booking Free Flights
To book a free flight you must contact Vantage Club Customer Services in the UK who will then verify your account and check seat availability.
4.2) Whilst reasonable effort will be made to satisfy your requirements.   Free Flights are strictly subject to limited availability and are not available on all flights.  Monarch Airlines cannot guarantee that your requirements will be met.

5) Vantage Club Gold Membership
Gold Card members holding confirmed reservations at ‘saver’ or ‘flexible’ fares levels (which may exclude some promotional fares) may make up to two changes to the date of travel and/or passenger name without any administration charge provided that
-  The Gold member is the passenger
The date change(s) is/are affected prior to commencement of travel 3 hours notice is given and
-The name change(s) is/are affected prior to commencement of travel and at least 3 hours notice is given.
There is no cash alternative for the travel insurance discounts.

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