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before you go - currency, traveller's cheques & credit cards

It's a good idea to take your spending money partly in foreign currency and partly in traveller's cheques. Traveller's cheques are the safest way to carry money as they are easily cashed for a small service charge and you are covered if you lose them. Otherwise you'll find MasterCard and Visa, credit cards are widely accepted, American Express and Diners Club lesser so. As in the UK there may be a charge for the use of credit cards. Please note that traveller's cheques are not widely accepted in Kenya or the Gambia.

Please note: All European destinations except Turkey and Croatia use the Euro. Turkey uses Turkish Lira. Morocco uses the Moroccan Dirham. Tunisia uses the Tunisian Dinar. Croatia uses the Croatian Kuna. Bulgaria uses Bulgarian Lev. Mexico uses the Mexican Peso. Cuba uses the Cuban Peso. Dominican Republic uses the Dominican Peso. Grenada uses the East Caribbean Dollar. Jamaica uses the Jamican Dollar. Tobago uses the T&T Dollar. Egypt uses the Egyptian Pound. Kenya uses Kenyan Schilling. Gambia uses Dalasi. Goa uses Indian Rupee. Dubai uses UAE dirham (AED). Maldives uses Maldivian Rufiyaa, but US dollars are mainly used. Sri Lanka uses Sri Lankan Rupee. Thailand uses the Baht. Mauritius uses Mauritian Rupee. The USA uses the dollar. You should check for changes before you go. For more information visit: www.europa.eu.

Mexici currency note: As from Spetember 2010, teh Mexican government has capped the amount of dollars foreigners can exchange for pesos in banks. To avoid difficulties, it is recommended that traveller's take Mexican pesos and/or a credit card rather than USD. You should check for any changes before you go. For more information visit www.europa.eu


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