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before you go - visas & departure taxes

Visa information where known is shown for British Citizens holding Passports issued in Great Britain. All clients must ensure that their own travel documents are valid for the countries they intend to visit. We cannot be held responsible for extra expenses incurred if passports/visas are not in order. Please check well in advance of travel.

Departure tax rates and information

Cuba: A Tourist Card is included in the price of your holiday and will be sent to you prior to your departure. However if you are departing within the next 72 hours you must collect the visa from the UK airport on departure.

Departure tax: 25 CUC (£17)

Dominican Republic: Visitors to the Dominican Republic need a tourist card which can be purchased for £10 online at  http://www.dominicanembassy.org.uk or on arrival in resort for $10.

Departure tax: $20 payable at the overseas airport

Dubai: Passports must be valid for 6 months after arrival in the UAE. A free visa is issued on arrival for 30 days.

Departure tax: None known

Egypt: Single entry tourist visas costing £15 are required. Visas may be applied for via the Egyptian Consulate in London or can be purchased on arrival in Luxor or Sharm El Sheikh (however this may mean queuing at the airport). Tourists visiting Sharm El Sheikh do not strictly need a visa for stays of less than 14 nights, but without one your movement will be restricted to within Sharm itself. Anyone wishing to travel outside Sharm (including divers), or staying in Sharm longer than 14 nights will need a visa, which can be obtained as detailed above.

Departure tax: None known.

Gambia: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Goa: All visitors require a visa for entry to India. Visas are valid from the date of issue and applications for a multiple entry visa can be made online at www.in.vfsglobal.co.uk prior to departure.

Departure tax: Approximately £4 per person.

Grenada: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax:  Included in the price of your holiday.

Jamaica: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Kenya: A visa is required. Tourist visas cost $50 and should be applied for via the Kenya High Commission in London prior to departure. No charge for children under 16. You may be able to apply on arrival in Kenya, but the cost will increase. Kenyan authorities state that you need sufficient space in your passport for your Visa. If you arrive with a passport that is full you will be refused entry. It is recommended that you have two blank pages in your passport on arrival.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Maldives: A free tourist visa is issued for 30 days on arrival.

Departure tax: Approximately £8.00

Mauritius: A visitor visa is granted upon arrival provided the passenger has a valid passport and return/onward ticket.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Mexico: A free tourist card is issued on arrival in Mexico.

Departure tax: Approximately £36. Must be paid locally in cash.

Montenegro: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax: 15 Euros.

Sri Lanka: British Citizens, and most other nationalities, will be required to fill out a visitor/landing card, in order to be issued with a tourist visa free of charge on arrival at Colombo airport immigration.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Thailand: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax: Included in the price of your holiday.

Tobago: No known visa requirements.

Departure tax: TT$100 (approx £11.50).

Turkey: British Citizens require a tourist visa which can be obtained online at the Turkish Foreign Ministry website prior to travel at www.evisa.gov.tr at a current cost of $20 US Dollars. Until 10 April 2014, a visa may be obtained on arrival at the airport in Turkey at a cost of £10 payable in sterling. This is not possible from 11 April onwards. Note: This visa cost is not included in the holiday price.

Departure tax: None known.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the cost of the above visas/tourist cards are not included in the holiday price.

USA: Most visitors to the US are required to have a US visa in their passport. However, since the introduction of the Visa Waiver scheme, full British Citizen passport holders with the right of abode in the UK will be able to travel on this scheme. The Visa Waiver scheme applies for full British Citizens provided they fulfil specific requirements, which include (but are not limited to) holding a full United Kingdom Passport, travelling on holiday or business for a period no longer than 90 days and holding a return air ticket with a "participating" airline (which includes all those airlines we feature.) This does not include Irish Citizens who carry a British subject passport. Note that even those qualifying as above will require a Visa if they have ever been arrested (even if not convicted), or if suffering from a serious communicable disease. It is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure they are able to comply with all US government requirements contained in the visa waiver form. If in any doubt, or if holding a British Subject/Citizen/Commonwealth Passport or with Right to Remain etc, you must check with the US Embassy Visa Section. Also see their Website: www.usembassy.org.uk or call the Visa information line on 0904 245 0100 (calls charged at £1.20 per minute).

Visa waiver forms should be completed as follows:
A Visa Waiver Form must be completed online using the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). This is only accessible via the internet and must be completed at any time before travel, but we recommend no later than 72 hours prior to departure. You will need to have the address of the first hotel/accommodation that you will be staying at in the US, as well as your passport number and other basic biographical information (date of birth etc). An application form can be found by going to: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov. In most cases you will receive an automated response within a few seconds of completing the application, generally stating that travel has been approved. If for any reason a visa is not authorised (for example you are not a British Citizen), then you will receive a response stating this. A visa approved via ESTA is valid for up to 2 years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. If you plan future trips, or your destination/itinerary changes after your visa has been approved, you can easily update the information by re-visiting the ESTA website. If you do not have the internet at home, we recommend asking friends or family, or visiting your local library, where you can normally find computers available for public internet access. If you are still unable to get onto the internet to complete the form, then you should inform us at your earliest convenience, certainly well before 72 hours prior to your departure. If you do not apply for and receive travel authorisation via the ESTA system prior to travel, you may be denied boarding or admission into the USA. Additional information regarding the visa waiver programme and ESTA is available at www.cbp.gov/esta.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the cost of the above visas/tourist cards are not included in the holiday price.

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