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  • if you are pregnant you can fly with Monarch provided you won't have passed your 34th week of pregnancy by the time of your return flight.
  • if you are 28-34 weeks pregnant, you will need to carry with you a doctor or midwifes certificate of fitness to fly. The certificate will only be accepted if:
  • it is written on the surgery's headed paper
  • it is dated not more than 14 days prior to the start date of your trip
  • it is signed by a Doctor or Midwife and states that you are fit to fly on both the outbound and inbound flight dates
  • it states the expected date of delivery of your baby
  • your Doctor or Midwife states that you are in good health, that they are happy for you to fly, and that (in their opinion) there is no reason why you cannot fly
  • new mothers are not permitted to travel for the first 14 days after giving birth
  • new born infants are not permitted to travel for the first 7 days after birth and further restrictions apply if the baby was born prematurely
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