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on arrival and in resort - Nile cruises

We've put together some useful tips and details about your cruise so you can make the most of your time.

Information on 'Health & Safety' for Nile Cruises: There are many different cruisers plying the Nile, and when your boat is moored, you may need to walk through other cruisers to get to land. Docking areas may be uneven and you should take extra care if crossing a gang plank.

Some travellers suffer diarrhoea in Egypt. We recommend you minimise the risk by:

  • drinking plenty of bottled water to prevent dehydration and avoiding very cold drinks and ice
  • keeping the air-conditioning in your cabin at a moderate level
  • avoiding over-eating on board as it can lead to sickness if you are not used to three full meals a day

What to Pack and Wear: The weather in Egypt is very hot and humid, particularly between July and September when temperatures can exceed 100F. Make sure you pack cool, comfortable, loose clothing and essentially, a sunhat, sunglasses and a high factor sunscreen. In the cooler winter months, take a light jumper or jacket for the evenings.

For sightseeing, pack sensible walking shoes or trainers (but not brand new ones), as many of the sites are dusty and uneven. Consider taking a small torch for the darker tombs, as well as binoculars, and a thermos flask for keeping cool drinks on hand. On-board your boat, casual-smart dress is the norm, and men are asked to wear long trousers for dinner.

Hints on Tipping: Tipping is expected in Egypt and can mount up (expect to budget approximately £30 per person), so be ready with small change on the boat! Such gratuities may be collected at the beginning of the cruise.

Taking Photos and Videos: You may have to pay a charge at some sites to use a camera or video camera. Flash photography is not allowed at a number of sites - ask your guide.

Your Guide: An English-speaking Egyptian guide will be on hand on your cruise to give you information on all the sights you visit.

Your Itinerary: Please bear in mind that itineraries and excursions may have to be altered for reasons beyond our control. You may experience delays or cancelled excursions, or the boat may have to cruise during the night. When moored, the view from your cabin may be obscured by neighbouring boats.

Occasionally it may be necessary to use alternative Nile cruise boats of the same standard and with similar facilities. In this instance if you have paid to upgrade your cabin, we reserve the right to use a lower grade cabin type and refund the value of your supplement.

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