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on arrival and in resort - spa packages

All spa packages advertised are subject to availability. Spa package details are correct at the time of booking but treatments may vary slightly, we will notify you of any such changes. These will not constitute a significant change to your holiday (for further details please see section 3 of the booking conditions.) When you pre-book your treatments with us these will be confirmed on your booking / invoice. The exact day and time of each treatment will only be confirmed when you get to resort. It is possible that due to popular demand that your first choice of treatment time may not be available, and the spa staff will be happy to advise you of alternative times during your stay.

Certain treatments may include a medical consultation as part of the treatment, this is to ensure your treatment is fully tailored to your needs and that you do not suffer from any medical conditions which may be incompatible with any treatments. Although spa treatments are regarded as safe they are not always suitable for everyone. If you suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, poor circulation, deep vein thrombosis and heart disease they may not be compatible with spa treatments. Similarly if you have recently had an operation, are pregnant or taking medication, you may not be able to use some treatments. We strongly recommend that if any of the above applies to you or you have any othermedical condition, you should refer to your GP before booking. Some treatments may have a profound effect on circulation, skin or blood pressure. You should consider this if you have any pre-existing medical condition.

In the event that you have to cancel the spa package due to a medical condition before travel or during any consultation prior to treatment in resort then confirmation of this must be received by us in writing and we will provide a full refund for the spa package only. If you wish to cancel your full holiday as a result of this then cancellation charges as outlined in section 14 of the booking conditions will apply. If you change your spa booking or cancel for any other reason section 14 & 15 of the booking conditions will apply.

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