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Where accommodation only prices are advertised it will be clearly stated whether the prices shown are either per room, per apartment, per villa or per person, based on maximum occupancy, unless otherwise stated. All basic hotel prices advertised are based on 2 adults sharing a standard room with private facilities (as noted in the hotel description). The prices advertised are either per night or per week. Please ensure you read the information advertised carefully. When purchasing accommodation only you are purchasing just the accommodation. Flights, car hire, representation and other services are not included.

Our contract is with those people named at the time the accommodation only booking is made, not with any other person who may stay in the accommodation that we do not know about, and who is therefore 'undeclared' to us.

Occasionally, pricing errors may occur - we reserve the right to correct these at any time prior to the price being confirmed at the time of booking. We also have the right to increase the confirmed price of your holiday after booking by levying a surcharge - see clause 2 of our Booking Conditions.

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