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It used to be that if you travelled alone you got penalised, but at Monarch Hotels we have many hotels where there are no supplements to pay for either single rooms or sole occupancy of a twin, depending on the type of room available when you book. Remember that single rooms will be smaller and not always have the same general standard of facilities as twin rooms.

Single Supplements

Why single travellers are asked to pay more: If a single person occupies a double room they will usually be asked to pay extra (eg. a 'single or sole occupancy supplement'), as hotels price their rooms as doubles or family rooms and don't reduce the rate if it is occupied by a single person. The costs to the hotel of providing the room are the same regardless of how many people occupy it. This also applies to self-catering units for example, 3 people in accommodation priced for 4.

Why single rooms may be smaller: Hotel design sometimes means that single rooms are smaller and less well appointed. Although a supplement normally applies to these rooms, the overall cost is usually less than sole occupancy of a double room. We don't make additional profits from these supplements, as the prices we charge reflect the cost we are charged by the hotel for under occupancy.

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