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All inclusive normally includes all meals and locally produced drinks (during the bar opening hours as specified as well as day and evening activities at your hotel). Beer available in the 'All inclusive' package is usually draught not bottled, 'local' wine is usually house wine served by the glass from a barrel not a bottle and carbonated soft drinks are usually on tap not bottled. Drinks may be served in plastic beakers not glass, particularly around swimming pools. The services, facilities and meals available do vary from hotel to hotel, so make sure you check the details in the text box headed "All Inclusive" within each hotel description for exact details (for any elements not included within the All Inclusive box, a charge may apply). A la carte restaurants can often apply a service charge. Food served can be local or international. An extra charge will be made for imported alcoholic drinks and certain facilities such as games machines or pool tables still require you to insert your own coins. You must also pay for infants' meals locally.

Note: Times when included drinks and snacks are served may sometimes vary from those shown, but are typically between 11am and midnight. A 'cash' bar may operate outside these times. Alcohol licensing laws vary for different countries so guests cannot be served with alcoholic drinks in All inclusive hotels if they are 'under age' for that country. There may also be age or experience restrictions on some watersports. All guests are normally required to wear or carry identification to ensure they receive the All inclusive benefits. This is provided by the hotel and consists of an identity bracelet or ID card.

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