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Bedroom descriptions are as follows: Twin = room with 2 single beds; Double = room with a double bed; Single = room with a single bed; Sole occupancy = twin or double room for use by one person. Single rooms are scarce & may not be the same general standard as twin rooms; they may be smaller with no balcony. Also see under “prices” relating to single rooms & travellers. Three or four bedded rooms usually mean a twin bedded room with extra folding or bunk beds or will consist of double beds, so you will need to be prepared for having less space. When a 5th person is sharing the room, the extra bed will normally be a foldaway or rollaway type which is easier to move in and out of rooms. If our description indicates “bath or shower” we are not able to guarantee which you will get, since rooms vary. We will, however, make a note of any particular preference you have and pass it on to the hotel, provided you make it clear at the time of booking.

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