Cheap flights

Booking cheap flights with Monarch means you get affordable deals with a superior service. So if you're thinking about going away for the weekend, ready to plan a summer holiday or hit the slopes in the winter, then don’t miss out on our great selection of low cost flights to a variety of destinations!

Where to go?

Perfect destinations for weekend breaks are Barcelona, Rome, Naples and Venice, or alternatively you could spend a weekend on the beach in Malaga or Alicante. If you’re thinking about your booking your next summer holiday then Tenerife, Lanzarote, Majorca, Faro or Sharm el Sheikh are great destinations to spend relaxing! Hitting the slopes in winter or even if you fancy a snowy weekend break then destinations like Grenoble, Lyon, Friedrichshafen or Turin not only have great connections to ski resorts – they’re beautiful cities in their own right too.

When is the cheapest time to book?

Generally, the sooner you book the cheaper the prices will be. Plus, booking in advance gives you the best variety for dates, airports, seats and hotels too. If you’re thinking about a short break, you might want to consider flying during the week rather than at the weekend to get the best deal.

Why go flights only?

Often booking flights and accommodation separately can make your trip cheaper. Savvy travellers looking for a cheap holiday can save money by finding accommodation in flats or apartments online. Don't miss out on more cheap flights below.

Why choose Monarch?

We've been flying the nation since 1968 and we're the first airline to be accredited "WorldHost Recognised Business" status. We are committed to deliver an outstanding level of customer service, with the aim to make your journey as smooth as possible from when your flight is booked to the minute you arrive home.