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Naples Cheap Flight Deals

Route Jul 14 Aug 14 Sep 14 Oct 14 Mar 15
Manchester to Naples £70 £70 £50 £28 £50
London Luton to Naples £69 £69 £40 £30 £74

All prices are per person one way including taxes.

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Naples: Introduction

Naples Airport, also known as Capodichino Airport, is a gateway to Southern Italy. The airport is 5.9 kilometres from the city centre, in the Capodichino district of Naples. Taking cheap flights to Naples can also lead you to discover many of the surrounding areas of Sorrento, Capri and Positano among others. 

It's hard to image a more historically dramatic city than Naples. It has been the epicentre of classical Roman culture, played reluctant host to the notorious Camorra – a Mafia-style secret society and it has seen whole civilisations submerged in molten lava, due to nearby Mount Vesuvius. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it – Naples is a true icon of Europe. With plenty of splendid Greco-Roman relics, divine Gelato and Neopolitan pizza, and a booming underground arts scene. In essence, it's made for exploration. 

In terms of transport links, Naples Airport has plenty to choose from with an airport bus for €3 that stops at the Central Station and the Piazza Municipio close to the ferry port. There's also fixed rates for taxis that frequent the city centre and port. Flights to Naples allow for easy access to other parts of the country. The A56 freeway running past the airport connects with Rome, Salerno and Bari. 

Things to do in Naples

Eat Real Deal Pizza: Naples is the traditional birthplace of pizza, therefore it's a doughy, herby temptation at any time of the year.  Neopolitan pizza is the genuine article and it's unlike any pizza that you've ever tasted before.

Check Out Roman Relics: There are about a dozen archaeological sites of global significance around Naples. Spend days or even weeks exploring the remnants of millennia past. Check out the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum whose inhabitants were sadly immortalised in volcanic ash from a nearby erupting Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD. 

Old Fashioned Diversions: There’s a rich tapestry of theatre, opera and baroque music history in Naples, although it is worth noting that there is a language barrier to overcome which can sometimes get tricky. There's also a bright and exciting array of contemporary art galleries which won’t require any translation. Travellers will fall in love with opera at San Carlo. It's one of the most splendid opera houses in the world and the oldest opera house still operating in Europe - a true masterpiece of gilded opulence. 

Visit Some Creepy Monuments: It wouldn't be Italy without a visit to a religious monument of some kind. In Naples there's plenty of morbidly fascinating crypts, Gothic grave yards, and gargantuan cathedrals with spooky stories to tell. The Naples Duomo is dedicated to the patron saint of the city Capella di San Gennaro. His hallowed remains are encased in a silver bust behind the altar and include his skull and vials of his congealed blood.

Certosa-Museo di San Martino: This medieval Carthusian monastery was built in 1325 but has gone through many facelifts over the years, including a massive 16th Century refit. There's a treasure trove of architectural and artistic assets here, plus there's state-of-the-art visitors' facilities, pretty terrace gardens, airy and spacious rooms and gorgeous views onto the Naples waterfront. One highlight is the 17th century fresco by Micco Spadaro which depicts the persecution of the Carthusians by the English during the reign of the infamous Henry VIII.

Mercato di Pugliano: A clothing market that's a magnet for fashionistas looking for a designer knock-off or genuine Fendi and Moschino item. There are killer stilettos, vibrant cocktail dresses, leather look handbags and offbeat vintage items. Traders are all too happy to show visitors into bargain basements and hidden lofts for more clandestine booty. Mercato di Pugliano is a mixed bag of weird and wonderful that will keep travellers amused for hours.

Naples: Weather

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