Love to be Monarch cabin crew?

We have now opened our 2015/2016 Cabin Crew for the following bases

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  • Birmingham - click here
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A New Career

Love to be a Monarch Cabin Crew Member? If the answer is 'yes, I would love to!' then we want you to join our teams at Birmingham, Leeds Bradford, London Gatwick, London Luton and Manchester airports.

cabin crew

If you want to take off in style with an airline recognised for putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, you could be joining our multi-cultural team who are passionate about customer safety and outstanding customer care. Your new office could be at 35,000ft and every day could bring you a new experience travelling across Europe and beyond. So if you care about people, are 18 years old or over, can swim 25 metres, at least 157.5cm - 187cm in height and hold a valid UK/EU passport, then you could be the right person for us.

For further information, please read and digest the information available under 'About Us' to assist you with your interview day.



Becoming a new cabin crew member is a lifestyle change with some challenges but many rewards.

cabin crew

Cabin crew often work long unsociable hours which includes working many weekends, especially during the busy summer months when most of our charter flights operate.

Cabin crew are also rostered ‘standby’ and ‘airport standby’ duties, so may be called at unsociable hours to work covering sickness, delays or extra flights.

cabin crew

Relocation may be necessary as cabin crew must be prepared to live 90 minutes travelling distance of the airport at which they are based. The company provides each base with an accommodation file.

It is essential that you have a valid e-mail address and internet connection in order for you to receive your monthly roster and associated changes, electronically.

To obtain an aircrew ID you are required to supply the company with a valid Criminal Record check (CRC), this will cost you in the region of £25.00. For more information, please see the Criminal Record section.

You are also expected to cover the cost for your first ID. The costs vary from base to base, ranging from £42.00 - £150.00.

Please note: Monarch Airlines cannot apply for or support any Visa/Work Permit applications.

Cabin Crew are initially employed on a fixed term contract. Permanent positions are determined by availability of vacancies and personal performance.



The successful applicant will enter into a bonded agreement at commencement of employment with Monarch. Further information will be available if successful.



Where possible candidates will be called for interview at a base nearest their postal address. This does not reflect the location of the posts available and successful applicants may be offered a position at ANY of our bases.

When invited for interview you should allow for a full day. We believe in conducting our interview days in a professional yet relaxed environment and hope that you will enjoy the day. There is a test paper and calculators may be used for the numerical questions.

Interview day comprises of two parts (morning and afternoon). You must pass all competencies in the first part in order to progress to the afternoon session.

Potential cabin crew are evaluated in the following skills:

  • The ability to communicate effectively.
  • Customer service skills.
  • The ability to recognise and promote business objectives.
  • The ability to work well in a team environment.

You are required to wear smart clothing. We would also ask you to arrive with your hair tied back or up in a style that you would wish to adopt with the wearing of our uniform.

Please be advised that the outcome of the interview may take up to 6 weeks and interview results will be sent through to your IRecruit account.



A comprehensive training course covers such subjects as safety and survival, first aid, in-flight service, customer care and sales. Continued employment will be subject to achieving required passmark for all examinations during the training course. Thereafter, further in-flight training and assessments will be given by senior cabin crew.



Any travelling expenses incurred by applicants attending assessment days will not be reimbursed by Monarch Airlines.



We offer a competitive salary for cabin crew. Subject to revenue taken on the flight, commission will be paid.

You also receive flight pay on an hourly basis, this will also be paid into your monthly salary. In addition, there are various incentive schemes.

Leave for seasonal cabin crew is accrued throughout the Summer. However, it will not be possible to take any holiday until after completion of your fixed term contract.


Perks to Flying:

There are many, such as great travel concessions and career progression opportunities.


Do you meet our minimum requirements?

  • Minimum age = 18
  • Height = 157.5 - 187 cm, physically fit and able to pass a medical assessment
  • Holder of a full EU passport (with unrestricted world-wide travel)
  • A good standard of written and spoken English
  • A good standard of secondary education
  • A high standard of physical fitness
  • Capable of swimming 25 metres and treading water.
  • The ability to converse with and have a genuine interest in people
  • Company standards deem that any tattoos should not be visible in uniform. This includes where it can be seen under items of clothing, e.g. shirts/ blouses / hosiery. If tattoos are visible through the uniform which is a short sleeved blouse/shirt, a white or flesh cotton t- shirt or camisole top must be worn under the uniform, alternatively, tattoo make-up can be applied or one skin coloured plaster measuring no more than 7cm x 2cm to meet our grooming standards can be used.
    Any tattoos that are located on hands/forearm/face/neck (forward of ear-line) even if it can be covered by a plaster or tattoo make up are not permitted.
  • Ability to provide a continuous 5 year satisfactory reference history. If we are unable to obtain the required references and CRC checks, any job offer may be rescinded.

The following would be beneficial:

  • Previous flying experience
  • Experience dealing with the general public in the leisure/tourism industry or a retail, catering or airport environment.
  • Ability to converse in a foreign language

Click here to download our Medical Requirements (pdf)

Venn diagram showing the skills Monarch cabin crew needs - Customer Service, Communication, Teamwork, Business Drive, Technical Knowledge

Equal opportunities

Monarch is an equal opportunities employer.


Criminal record checks

To obtain an aircrew ID you are required to supply the Company with a valid UK Criminal Record check (CRC), therefore prior to the commencement of employment, the applicant must apply for a CRC. The cost of the check must be met by the applicant and is currently in the region of £25.00 (Oct 2011)

The Department for Transport requires a criminal record check to be made on any person requiring an airside pass. If you have an unspent conviction for an offence, this will be listed on the certificate, and if it is an offence barring issue of a security ID pass you will be unable to perform your laid down duties and Monarch will not be in a position to offer you employment.

The UK CRC is only valid for a period of ten weeks from issue therefore successful applicants will be informed as to when they should apply for the UK check.

In addition to the above Criminal Record Check, any individual who has spent 6 months or more in an overseas country, including countries with the EU, will now require a criminal record check from each and every foreign country they have spent six months or more in, provided it is within the 5 years prior to commencing employment with Monarch.

Responsibility for obtaining an overseas CRC is with the applicant and the procedures will vary from country to country, as will the cost of the check. Unlike the UK CRC the overseas CRC remains valid until such time as the person returns to that country, therefore we advise all applicants requiring one to begin the process immediately.

Further information is available on the Department for Transport website under Criminal Record Checks