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Photograph of Madeira

Madeira: Introduction

A cluster of islands in the sun, made up of Madeira and Porto Santo, lesser known unpopulated islands: the Desertas and Selvagens. Visitors to Madeira benefit from warm climate all year round. As an official region of Portugal, holidaymakers in Madeira enjoy the same holidaying on the mainland, including the cheap cost of living that makes Portuguese holidays such great value for money, as well as being an exotic and somewhat undiscovered destination.


Temperatures remain pleasantly warm throughout the year without being oppressively hot, and the south of the island tends to be warmer than the north. As temperatures remain fairly constant right through the year, Madeira is also the ideal place to take a short holiday for some sun out of season, when great deals are to be had. If you choose to visit Madeira over the New Year, you’ll be able to watch one of the largest fireworks show in the world!

Where to Stay

Madeira is the largest island of the archipelago, as well as being home to Funchal, where the capital and airport are based. Funchal is a safe and prosperous city with several luxury tourist resorts in and around the capital. If you want to be near the beach, and fancy a quieter holiday, why not try Garajau, Canico de Baixo, Santa Cruz, Canical and Machico? All are within easy reach of Funchal. These quiet resorts will help you enjoy the tropical climate in a peaceful setting. For visitors who really want to get away from it all, Porto Santo, the smaller of the two populated islands, is perfect. Porto Santo, in particular, is famous for its undeveloped nature and long stretches of white sand. There are regular ferries between the islands to help you get there easily from Funchal.


Many people tend to centre their holidays to Madeira on the beaches, historic towns, and imposing natural beauty of the islands, famous for their lush gardens and greenery.

Water Sports
Along the beaches, you can participate in all the traditional water sports, but you can also go scuba diving, big-game fishing, and even try surfing the Atlantic breakers at Jardim do Mar and Paul do Mar.

There are countless hiking trails to help you explore the island’s interior, as well as take you to small picturesque towns and villages to discover island life.

Sampling the local cuisine is a great way to sample the local culture; the island’s restaurants serve delicious local specialities, and in Machico, the second largest city on Madeira Island, there is a food festival each year in the first week of August, giving you the opportunity to try all the different tastes of the island in one place!

Madeira: Weather

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Holiday Season

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Madeira: Photos

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Madeira: Map

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