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Agadir: Introduction

We no longer have flights available to Agadir. Instead, why not try Turkey or Cyprus as an alternative?


A global magnet for beach-goers, Agadir has a breezy resort vibe that calls to mind the French Riviera while still being thoroughly Moroccan. The city is a thriving port and holiday locale with  glittering promenades that buzz with energy 24/7. In Agadir there’s around 300 sunny and warm days per year and there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy it too with several sheltered and calm beaches.


A slice of paradise is within reach with plenty flights to Agadir only taking around four hours from the UK. The main airport in Agadir is Al Massira Airport. It's located 25 kilometres from the city centre. There are plenty of flights to Morocco to choose from, however Agadir's airport is a great launching pad for an overland adventure to the Atlas Mountains and Marrakesh. A new motorway slashes travel time between Agadir and Marrakesh from four to two hours.

Why choose Agadir?

Booking a flight to Agadir will bring you to a beach holiday with a bit of a difference. The fusion of Moroccan culture and its laid back seaside atmosphere make it a very enjoyable place to relax and recharge. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do here. In fact, it is quite the opposite. As well as the fantastic natural wonders we mentioned above, the city itself has plenty of attractions to keep you occupied. From the lively port and hilltop kasbah to the busy Moroccan market, you don’t just have the beach for fun.


Our Top Tip For Agadir

"You’ll have to exchange currency when you arrive and rates do vary. Tipping is important in Morocco, but they happily accept sterling, which gives you a bit of time to find the best exchange rate."
Michelle, Cabin Crew

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Agadir highlights

Take your pick of beaches

Agadir’s main beach stretches for miles and in the summer months is packed full of tourists and Moroccans on their holidays. However it’s not the only option, and there are many private beaches dotted up and down Agadir’s coast. Although the main strip of sand is largely hassle-free due to the city’s beach resort culture, single female travellers and families may find one of these quieter areas more suitable. Palm beach is a very relaxed little place, perfect for chilling on the sand, whereas Sunset beach is great for watersports and is a little livelier.

Explore the city


As well as the resort’s tourist features, the city also has many other things of note that are worth visiting. The port area gives you a glimpse of true Moroccan heritage with fishermen trading their daily catches and boats being prepared for sea. Agadir’s hilltop kasbah stands out for most of the city to see, and the views from here are well worth the 7km journey from the centre. Souq El Had is another window into the culture of Morocco. A busy little market that sells local produce and wares from the surrounding region, there are over 3,000 stalls here selling everything you can imagine - it’s worth a visit just for the experience. As well as these more traditional areas of the city, Agadir’s resort is full of restaurants, shops and bars where you can enjoy traditional Moroccan food or pizza, a local favourite.  


Where to eat?

Agadir is split into four zones when it comes to dining, and each offers something slightly different. The beach area is a mixture of everything, from authentic seafood to fast food chains. You will also find some bars that serve alcohol here but the prices are expensive. Nouveau Talbourjt is the cheaper area and this is a very local-oriented area. No eateries here will serve alcohol.

Uniprix caters to a mixture of locals and tourists and again you will find a bit of everything here. The prices are mixed and you can have a bit more of an authentic dining experience from that of the beach.

The Batoir area is a really good area for cheap street food during the day. There’s also plenty of other lower-priced eateries and cafes around here. In the evening it can become a little unsavoury and so it might be worth avoiding at night with a young family.

The surrounding area

Being located on the coast, Agadir is perfectly poised for those who want to explore the surrounding seaside villages of Morocco. Just north of the city you will find Tamri, a small, rural community that has lovely beaches and incredible surf. Further north lies Essaouira, a beautiful old city that was once a walled fortress. A two hour drive inland will take you to the thriving mass that is Marrakech, a must if you want to witness the hustle and bustle of Moroccan life. South of Agadir you will find the Sous-Massa National Park, an arid expanse of land that is is often used as a feeding ground by the bizarre-looking Northern Bald Ibis.

The High Atlas are a beautiful sight to see up close, however a trek here may be too much for those with small children. For visitors who want challenge, there are trekking tours and bike trips that take in Marrakech, Agadir, the High Atlas and some of the Berber villages that are located there. These types of excursions vary in length but can be a great way to see the different sides of Morocco.

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Agadir: Photos

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