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Agadir Cheap Flight Deals

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Manchester to Agadir £40 £40 £50 £56 £56

All prices are per person one way including taxes. Min 4 seats available per flight.

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Agadir: Introduction

A global magnet for beach-goers, Agadir has a breezy resort vibe that calls to mind the French Riviera while still being thoroughly Moroccan. The city is a thriving port and holiday locale with  glittering promenades that buzz with energy 24/7. In Agadir there’s around 300 sunny and warm days per year and there's plenty of opportunity to enjoy it too with several sheltered and calm beaches. A slice of paradise is within reach with plenty of cheap flights to Agadir only taking around four hours from the UK.

The main airport in Agadir is Al Massira Airport. It's located 25 kilometres from the city centre. There are plenty of flights to Morocco to choose from, however Agadir's airport is a great launching pad for an overland adventure to the Atlas Mountains and Marrakesh. A new motorway slashes travel time between Agadir and Marrakesh from four to two hours.

Our Top Tip For Agadir

"You’ll have to exchange currency when you arrive and rates do vary. Tipping is important in Morocco, but they happily accept sterling, which gives you a bit of time to find the best exchange rate."
Michelle, Cabin Crew

Agadir City Guide

A tragic earthquake that destroyed most of the city in 1960 which makes Agadir unlike any other Moroccan city. There's an airy, spacious feeling about the place with plenty of pedestrian-friendly precincts and modern architecture. Agadir has an aura of the new world about it and has been described by some as a Moroccan Miami. On the south side of the city are high-end resorts and hotels. In the north eastern end of the city, the Nouveau Talborjit district offers budget friendly options for travellers who are watching the pounds.

Top Attractions in Agadir

The Kasbah:  This crumbling old fort is perched on the highest point in Agadir, around 7 kilometres north of the city. The Kasbah is the only historic site left following the earthquake so it's a bitter-sweet remnant of a bygone era. From this height, travellers can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the port, beaches and marina.

Marina d'Agadir:  The marina is an upmarket precinct of boutiques, restaurants, apartments and low-rise hotels.  This area is also the gateway to all sorts of water sports. There's equipment hire places scattered all along the coast, or you can arrange a day trip with your hotel. Try your hand at windsurfing, sailing, paragliding and jet-sking. The marina and surrounding beaches are protected from the turbulent Atlantic ocean by a ridge of rocks. So it's safe to swim most of the time. Flags will be displayed during dangerous conditions.

La Médina D’Agadir:
Around seven kilometres to the south of Agadir is a traditionally inspired Berber village. It was lovingly designed by Cocco Polizzi, an Italian architect with a passion for preserving and promoting the Berber way of life. Visitors have the unique opportunity to watch the artisans at work and to purchase directly from them. There are several fascinating workshops and a cafe selling refreshments.

The Museum of Berber Art:
The Berber people have traversed this desert and lived their nomadic existence for thousands of years. It's possible to learn all about this fascinating people's culture, history and craftwork at this museum on Boulevard Hassan II. The collection of exquisitely made folk art is not to be missed!

Night Life:  Agadir is known as the Miami of Morocco for a reason! The action all takes place after the sun goes down with plenty of nocturnal activities such as casinos, terrace cafés with thumping music and cabaret clubs. Check out perennially popular night spots Zanzibar, Papagayo and Bar Fly. 

Get Out of Town:
Agadir is only a hop, skip and jump away from the Atlas mountains and the untouched and wild beaches on the Atlantic coast. It's easy to take a day trip from Agadir to the Atlas mountains overland by 4WD. Alternately, take out a charter boat to great fishing and whale-watching territory in the Atlantic.

Souss Massa National Park: This isn't far from Agadir and has loads of beautiful birds, such as rare species of nightjar and flurries of hot pink flamingoes. They all congregate at Massa Lagoon. Don't forget the binoculars!

Agadir: Photos

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Agadir: Map

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