2008 News Archive - Flights - 34 inches of legroom. Why settle for less? Get your holiday off to a flying start by pre-booking your extra legroom seat.

29 06 2006

Since the re-configuration of Monarch’s short haul fleet last year, 48 extra legroom seats are now available on every scheduled flight, which boast an extra six inches of space.

Extra legroom seats can be pre-selected and pre-booked when making your booking or at any point prior to your flight via www.flymonarch.com and cost only £15 per person per flight (£20 on Canaries flights). Alternatively they can be requested at check in, although your choice of seats by this stage may be limited.

So, take the stress out of flying this summer and travel in style. Six inches really does make a difference, and once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to go back!

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