2008 News Archive - Flights - Inflight mobile phone use? “No thank you” say Monarch passengers

31 08 2006

- 67% of Monarch passengers against inflight mobile phone use -

In a recent online survey conducted by low fares airline Monarch, 67% of passengers claimed that using a mobile phone during a flight and having to listen to other people’s annoying ringtones would be one of the most annoying inflight experiences for them.

Over 1,500 Monarch passengers responded to the survey, in which they were asked to identify the three things that would annoy them the most during a flight. Top of the ‘annoying things’ table with 78% was the person sitting behind them knocking their seat, with this being closely followed by the person infront of them reclining their seat (69%).

Despite the use of mobile phones not currently being permitted on flights, passengers clearly believe that their use would be a huge irritant and voted it into third place (67%), beating having to sit next to a smelly passenger (53%).

The survey of 1548 Monarch passengers was conducted in November 2005 via www.flymonarch.com. Responders were asked to select the three things that would annoy them the most during a flight – full results below:

78% The person behind knocking your seat

69% The person infront reclining their seat

67% Mobile phone use during a flight

53% Smelly passengers

18% Obnoxious passengers

10% Passengers leaving the toilets in a mess

3% Other passengers music/games

1% Overly chatty passengers

1% Overly amorous passengers

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