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15 03 2002

New look for airline and a change of name for scheduled arm

One of the most familiar faces of UK holiday travel is set to change. After nearly 34 years in business, Monarch Airlines, one of the UK’s longest established leisure airlines, today unveils a new identity, which sees the introduction of a new livery and colours, and a new name for its scheduled operation (previously known as Crown Service), which will now be known as Monarch Scheduled.

A change in livery and colours

Ever since Monarch Airlines’ first flight in 1968, it has sported a golden and black livery. But now it’s fleet of 22 aircraft is to be painted in the new, more contemporary colours of indigo and a brighter yellow. The striped graphics are also to go, and will be replaced with gentle, flowing curves on the tailpiece and fuselage. The distinctive logo remains, but has been rationalised to give it a contemporary appeal. The first new liveried aircraft will grace the skies on its first flight from Manchester on Friday 22 March.

It is hoped that the new identity will bring the carrier’s image into the 21st century, whilst still embracing all of Monarch’s brand values and reputation for being an affordable and reliable airline, with a very personal commitment to serving its customers needs.

The change in image is deliberately not radical, and retains some core elements from the existing look. Market research was undertaken using a sample of existing and potential passengers and the results showed that whilst the public perceives Monarch as being reliable, professional and friendly, they also considered its image to be somewhat outdated and possibly inappropriate to today’s consumer. However, whilst the findings demonstrated that passengers would welcome a more modern look, research also showed that customers related to the current brand and would not welcome a radical change.

Jonathan Crick, commercial director explains: “We felt that evolution rather than revolution was the key to this project. Whilst our customers were keen for us to freshen our image, they did not want to see us adopt a trendy image just for the sake of it. We have a very loyal customer base, and it is important we do not alienate them, whilst seeking to appeal to potential new customers.” a new name and look for scheduled services.

The driving force behind this change in corporate identity was the need to clarify the airlines’ scheduled product. This is a highly successful part of the business, which has grown steadily over the last sixteen years, offering low-cost scheduled flights from London Luton and Manchester, to Spain, Gibraltar and from next week, Portugal.

Market research demonstrated that there was confusion amongst the public, with many believing ‘Crown Service’ to be an upgrade, or part of the charter product, indicating that the product needed a clearer name. The research however, showed that customers valued its association with Monarch, recognising it to be reliable and good value for money. Therefore the company decided to strengthen the link with its parent company, renaming the product simply Monarch Scheduled. In addition, scheduled services receive new distinctive colours of indigo and light blue, which will be applied to branded materials such as check-ins and ticket wallets.

Jonathan Crick continued; “The beauty of the name Monarch Scheduled is its simplicity. It is instantly understandable to the customer, whilst allowing us to retain its clear link with its parent company Monarch – something which both current and potential customers told us was important to them. We hope that this simple change of name, with the addition of the new indigo and light blue colour scheme, will eliminate the confusion which exists in the marketplace, and will make our marketing activity and communication with travel agents and their customers clearer and more effective.”

The website is re-launched as well

At the same time, the company has re-launched its website. On-line from today, the new site, which can now be found at www.flymonarch.com, will reflect the company’s new look, and will offer a simpler, faster way to book on line.

Jonathan Crick commented: “We launched our website with an on-line booking engine eighteen months ago and it proved to be a big success. However technology does not stand still and in order to be completely up-to-date with current internet ‘best practices’ we decided to completely redesign the website. Site navigation has improved significantly, thereby speeding up access to booking and finding such things as important travel information and latest news.”

Phasing in the new look to keep costs to a minimum

However, the change in corporate identity, which was developed by London-based design agency Communiqué, was not a costly project in comparison with many other re-branding exercises seen recently in the travel industry, with total launch costs coming in at around £100,000. The project will be phased in 0ver a period of time, which is part of the key to keeping costs under tight control.

The introduction of the new look will be phased in gradually, commencing with the painting of four aircraft this spring and summer; two brand new A321s, and two 757s. The airline has three other A321 aircraft on order which will be delivered in the new livery, and other aircraft in the fleet will be painted over the next few years, in line with their re-spray schedules. Monarch Scheduled check-ins, tickets and other signage will see the new identity immediately. The smart new cabin crew uniform will be introduced in January 2003, with all other materials being replaced over the following months in line with planned refurbishment schedules.

Jonathan Crick commented: “This project is a revamp of our image, but does not change the essence of Monarch. Both our scheduled and charter business will continue to offer a low-cost, value for money leisure product. It would not have been consistent with our reputation for efficiency to spend vast sums of money on this project. We are pleased to have been able to introduce a fresh new look for the company at a minimal cost.”

Monarch Scheduled operates a timetable between London Luton and Alicante, Gibraltar, Malaga, Menorca and Tenerife, with a new route to Faro being introduced in May. It also operates from Manchester to Alicante and Malaga, with a new route to Faro launching next week (Thursday 21 March).

Update May 2004

Monarch Scheduled announced it is to introduce a new, innovative in-flight menu, which is available on all flights from 2004. Instead of offering the traditional set meal included in the price, passengers will now have the option of buying a delicious hot meal, freshly baked snack, light salad, imaginatively filled sandwich or full English breakfast - at any time of day.

Hot drinks are also available, plus a selection of wines, spirits and minerals. Fares include complimentary daily newspapers, hot towels, in-flight TV and reserved seating. A frequent flyer scheme - Vantage Club - offers a host of benefits for regular travellers.

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