2008 News Archive - Flights - Monarch's views on the forthcoming rise in Air Passenger Duty

06 12 2006

Monarch is disappointed to learn that the Chancellor is planning to double air passenger duty on flights with effect from February 2007 and has not waited to see the proposals for the inclusion of aviation into the European Emissions Trading scheme which are due to be published later this month.

Following earlier messages from the government, Monarch has already set up a carbon offset scheme to allow the public to make their own responsible choices and offset their carbon emissions. The increase in APD will do nothing to promote this scheme, and others like it, as the public will take the approach ‘why pay twice?’. It seems that the government does not trust the public to make their own decisions with this increase most affecting the people that can afford it the least.

As the decision to offset emissions has now been taken away from travelling public, Monarch would like to see a commitment from the government that all additional revenue generated will be used towards alleviating the climate impact and not to swell treasury coffers for non-climate related purposes.

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