2008 News Archive - Holidays - '3 Like Home' benefits holidaymakers in Italy

16 01 2007

In a move that is set to send shockwaves through the mobile phone industry, mobile media company 3 has launched an initiative that will "put an end to the international roaming rip-off".

The new scheme, appropriately named '3 Like Home', will allow customers to continue using their existing bundles when using 3 networks overseas.

This will be to the advantage of 3 customers holidaying in Italy this year, as well as those in Ireland, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

Users will be able to make the most of existing phone time and text capacity when holidaying in these countries and they will also be able to access the internet or watch TV without worrying about any additional and extortionate fees.

Holidaymakers have been infuriated for years by the charges on phone calls from abroad and experts are hoping this move from 3 will encourage other companies to follow suit. One of the outcomes of existing arrangements with phone companies is that many holidaymakers actually keep their phones off throughout the duration of their holiday, to avoid incurring the costs of accepting a phone call.

Graeme Oxby, 3's marketing director, said: "We want to see an end to consumers being unfairly penalised while overseas, and with '3 Like Home', we've shown that where there's a will, there's a way."

From the magnificent cities of Rome, Milan and Turin to the breathtaking Valle d'Aosta and the ever-popular Riviera, Italy is one of Europe's most impressive holiday destinations, offering something for absolutely everybody.

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