2008 News Archive - Holidays - A sneak peak at High School Musical show at Disney

31 10 2008

Fans of High School Musical have been given a sneak peak at the new live show at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The show - titled High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Right Here! Right Now! - sees 14 cast members perform songs from the third installment of the popular franchise.

Photos of the production, posted on the Orlando Sentinel website, give fans a glimpse of red, white and black costumes and high-energy dance routines.

Members of the audience are also encouraged to participate in the performance, with the author highlighting one girl chosen to dance with the crew - a moment "she'll remember all her life" according to her mother.

Visitors to Disney's studios can also take part in a "phantom elevator" ride in The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction, which includes a lift climbing 13 storeys before "a thrilling plummet" to the ground - a ride which may appeal to Hallowe'en fans.

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