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21 08 2007

Celebrating the one of the country's most famous dishes, the annual Naples Pizzafest offers visitors a delicious slice of Italian culture.

Held between September 6th and 16th 2007, the Pizzafest is a two-week feast, where visitors can try freshly-made dishes and learn the history of the humble pizza.

Members of the public have the chance to vote for their favourite eatery during a competition to choose the city's finest pizzeria.

The event, which was first organised in 1984, also includes performances from a variety of acts each day, including cabaret, dancing and magic.

Visitors to Naples can take in some of the best archaeological collections in the world at the National Museum, which houses mosaics and wall paintings from Pompeii, as well as other Roman and Greek artefacts.

Holidaymakers in the Campania region can also relax and enjoy the picturesque beaches and islands of the Amalfi coast.

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