2008 News Archive - Holidays - Airport experience 'more stressful for women'

06 02 2007

Women are more stressed by airports than men but are also less aggressive, new research has found.

A joint project between technology provider Amadeus and research company Leflein Associates has discovered that 52 per cent of women complain about flight delays, in comparison to 42 per cent of men.

Women have also been found to be more prone to bouts of anxiety when they lose their luggage. While only a third of all male passengers become agitated in such a situation, 42 per cent of women admit that it causes them considerable stress.

The carefree attitude adopted by many men is not necessarily working in their favour, however, as 13 per cent of men have gone to a wrong airport or terminal to catch a flight. This compares to 11 per cent of women, which may indicate that a little stress can aid focus.

Worryingly, 19 per cent of men and 18 per cent of women take their airport frustrations out on staff, sometimes on the phone and sometimes in person.

"No matter who you are - male or female - air travel undoubtedly has its share of hassles and time-draining situations," said Robert Buckman, airline futurist and Director of Airline Strategies for Amadeus North America.

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