2008 News Archive - Holidays - All-inclusive holidays 'offer freedom'

15 05 2008

All-inclusive holidays allow travellers to do whatever they want whenever they want to, according to a major industry body.

Recently, all-inclusive resorts have been criticised as preventing tourists from contributing to the community they are visiting due to the nature of the holiday on offer.

However, Frances Tuke, from the Association of British Travel Agents (Abta), said that while some valid points may have been raised, all-inclusive holidays allow visitors to go on trips and excursions as they please and contribute to the economy when they want to.

She added: "With most all-inclusive holidays, you aren't locked in and you can go out on trips and excursions and do what you want, so it's really up to the customer what they do."

According to research conducted by Halifax Travel Insurance, 2.5 million Brits take a package holiday to an exotic destination every year but only spend an average of seven hours away from their hotel.

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