2008 News Archive - Holidays - Art and food on holidays in Italy

06 05 2008

Those with a taste for the high life will find something to satisfy the heartiest appetite in Italy.

For the holiday-maker with a discerning sweet tooth, how about a gastronomic delight with a large scoop of history at Tuscany's first ice cream parlour, Ghignoni Ice Cream?

Located in Sansepolcro, Ghignoni Ice Cream seats 180 people and serves 30 exotic ice cream flavours, including chocolate and chianti, and an array of vegetable-flavoured sorbets, alongside sweet and savoury crepes.

Those whose taste is more inclined to high art however, should be sure not to miss Florence's Bargello National Museum retrospective exhibition of work by sculptor Vincenzo Danti.

Featuring the 16th century artist's newly-restored masterwork the Great Bronzes of the Baptistry - three figures from the famous Florence Baptistry, including a depiction of the beheading of John the Baptist - the event is a must-see for art lovers everywhere.

The exhibition will be open 16th April to September 7th, 2008, from Tuesday to Sunday, as well as the first, third and fifth Monday of each month.

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