2008 News Archive - Holidays - Art and fun? It must be Florida

25 09 2007

Art lovers are being invited to attend the cultural fun being provided at the annual Halifax Art Festival, which returns to the Florida area this year.

Over the course of the event, 250 creative talents are expected to show off their various magical titles, reports Whatsonwhen.

To compliment the artistic frivolity, those on holidays simply to relax and enjoy themselves will also be pleased to note that food dishes should meet their hunger needs.

Moreover, live entertainment is provided to ensure that this celebration of imaginative skill is a highly attractive one.

Entrants are sure to revel in the fact that a number of cash prizes are awarded for those that are recognised by the festival judges.

This year, travellers will want to be well settled in Halifax for the main event, which takes place between November 3rd and 4th. With fantastic surroundings such as Daytona Beach, visitors have every reason to cheer.

Daytona Beach has a number of hotels and other accommodation options available to travel fans.

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