2008 News Archive - Holidays - Artisans flock to Florence

17 05 2007

Florence is already the leading cultural and artistic city in Europe, but during the Artisans and the Palace event, it truly out-does itself.

This fair sees Europe's most skilled artisans come from all over Europe and congregate in the breathtaking gardens of the Palazzo Corsini.

During the fair, visitors can marvel at the skills of the artisans present, as they demonstrate their individual crafts in open-air workshops.

Some make straw hats and willow baskets, others are experts in glass cutting or the esoteric techniques of restoring a tapestry or an old piece of furniture.

Tourists can benefit from going on a guided tour of the fair, during which they are informed about all the crafts being practiced.

There is also an open-air restaurant at the event, serving some of the regions finest delicacies.

Considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is renowned for its art and architecture.

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