2008 News Archive - Holidays - As summer approaches Goa gets more popular

02 04 2007

With summer on its way, throngs of tourists already have Goa in their sights as this year's top destination.

The former Portugese colony on the west coast of India has become the country's number one tourist destination in the last few years.

Sanjith Rodrigues, managing director of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, told PTI: "April-May period is a peak season for domestic tourists. People prefer Goa in the summer vacations."

As well as its weather and incredible beaches, Goa is also the home of the world-famous Basilica of Born Jesus, a world heritage site.

A full 12 per cent of India's tourists come to Goa and in 2004 over two million visited the territory, which is India's smallest.

The territory is also known for its food, which is mixture of Portugese, western Indian and Arabic and is served in top-class restaurants all over the area.

So attractive is Goa that it has earned the nickname "India for beginners".

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