2008 News Archive - Holidays - Audio phrasebooks are the 'prefect' travel companion

28 10 2008

Holidaymakers looking to impress family and friends with their language skills may wish to consider an audio phrasebook.

According to Bas Jaburg, technical officer at phrasebook developer Steape, audio phrasebooks, which can be downloaded on to mobile phones and MP3 players, are an ideal companion for those travelling to foreign countries.

"The actual benefit here [over a phrasebook] is that you can actually hear the phrase so the people will definitely understand what you are saying. [It has] translation and phonetics, so you could teach yourself a little bit," he explained.

Although most audio phrasebooks do not hold as much information as their traditional counterparts, they are useful as a backup option and do not need to be lugged around, Mr Jaburg added.

In related news, a recent study carried out by travel publisher Lonely Planet, around 80 per cent of holidaymakers use their mobile phones regularly when travelling abroad.

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