2008 News Archive - Holidays - Ayia Napa nights

06 08 2007

Ayia Napa may not be as legendary as Ibiza for drawing in crowds of partygoers but it is certainly catching up, Whatsonwhen observes.

A resort on the south coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa could certainly provide an alternative to those wanting to steer clear of Balearic party capital.

Boasting Insomnia, Desire, Abyss and new addition Ice Ku as dance hotspots, there is likely to be more than enough pumping beats for any hardcore party animal.

Ice Ku is built in the shape of a large Iceberg, possibly indicating it is the coolest venue in town, promising spectacular light shows combined with house and garage music.

Breaking away from the traditional foam parties usually offered by nightclubs, Ice Ku showers its patrons in popcorn, an added incentive for ravers who hanker after a tasty treat during a night of partying.

Insomnia invites its guests to stay up all night dancing to garage music and even live music, although visitors must be prepared to stay up until 04:00 local time just to see the club open.

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