2008 News Archive - Holidays - Balloon Race in Florida

15 04 2008

The 25th annual Sunrise Community Hot Air Balloon Race is set to take place this spring in Florida.

Between April 19th and 20th, multicoloured balloons will soar overhead to the delight of spectators and those on holidays in Florida.

The event opens early at 06:00 local time with balloons scheduled to launch at 06:30, weather permitting.

Hungry visitors can enjoy a huge outdoor pancake breakfast until 09:30 when the event closes for the morning.

The balloon race reopens at 15:00 for afternoon family activities and further balloon races at 17:00 with music, fun and more food provided until 20:00.

"Where else in all of Florida can you be witness to the ascent of more than 35 seven-story tall hot air balloons lifting off with a singular purpose - the unity of people of all abilities," race organisers ask.

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